RE: [DNS] Letter sent to Chris from Domains Australia

RE: [DNS] Letter sent to Chris from Domains Australia

From: Giles Donovan <giles.donovan§>
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 15:46:39 +1100

I was reading this letter and I almost (sure) believed it, until I realised,
like everyone else on this list, that you're just trying to cover your arse.
This is a behaviour I understand will become common practice once you're in
jail for selling drugs. 


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This letter is in response to a recent mailer sent by
Domains Australia headed "Domain Name Available" which
offered a 5% discount for orders received before 16
March 2005.

Yesterday I became aware of a Consumer Alert on your
website at which states that some of
the letters sent out offered to register a domain that
was not available to be registered.

After checking with our mailing company, it quickly
became clear that there had been a number of letters
sent out which were supposed to offer a domain which
was available and instead offered a .com domain (which
in many cases would not be available). This occurred
as a data file was merged with the incorrect wording

This error was in every respect a technical one, and
was in no way done to confuse the recipient of the

As soon as I was aware of this problem, I placed a
corrective notice at and
placed a corrective message at 03 9923 6505 to inform
all callers of the error in the mailer.

Also for orders received, we will contact each
customer to inform them directly of the error, to
explain that the offer should have been for a
different domain and give them a complete refund.


Chesley Rafferty

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