RE: [DNS] Re: Policy on domain ownership

RE: [DNS] Re: Policy on domain ownership

From: Greg Tenni <greg§>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 21:01:14 +1000
I had a similar experience with a that I am involved with.
The previous domain password holder went awol after some personal trauma in
his life, and we could no longer administer our website properly. We had to
set up a new host site and change the nameserver records, which we could not
do without the domain password.
Netregistry were extremely helpful in changing the contact names and issuing
a new domain password. I see no reason why anyone with a legitimate case
would have difficulties changing registrant names.
(I have not been paid by Netregistry to write this, but I will consider any
payment offered.;-)

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We can clear this up right now I believe.

The domain in question is, NetRegistry is the Registrar
of the domain name.

The legal entity owning the name is:

Registrant:              LS1 Owners Club of Australia
Registrant ID:           ABN 53415321024

On checking ABR the ABN matches the specified business name. My
understanding is from the one piece of internal communication I've seen
between Jason and a member of NetRegistry is that Jason is confusing the
Registrant and the Registrant/Technical/Admin contacts.

The way most Registrar systems operate is they authenticate particular
contacts to manage the administration of the domain name. Sometimes
these contacts are real people, sometimes they are roles within an

As it stands the Registrant contact we have on file (which is the same
as the WHOIS information in this case) is not Jason Allen. We have
procedures in place where for example if an authorized contact left an
organization, an offier of the legal entity can follow a process that
requests we modify the appropriate contacts.

If Jason (Allen) is an officer of the LS1 Owners Club of Australia (the
club President for example) he can request through appropriate channels
the contacts be modified. If he is not then it becomes a matter for
arbitration via the auDA specified Dispute Resolution Policy.

So Jason over to you. If you meet the above criteria it should be a
relatively trivial matter. If not then the process is less trivial.

Brett Fenton
NetRegistry Pty Ltd

On Wed, Mar 30, 2005 at 07:21:05PM +1000, Jason Allen wrote:
:> Jason Allen wrote:
:> >So, on to my question ... what would the auDA policy be on who is the
:> >'owner' of this domain (I believe it would be the 3 guys - or
:> >accurately the registered business name) and what steps/actions would be
:> >involved in these 3 guys getting an auDA decision to transfer ownership
:> >the the domain record over to them (or more accurately, the business
:> >name).
:> Further to this, the registrar claims that it is not the organisation
:> that is the legal leasee of the domain name, but the contact/s on the
:> domain record that are the legal leasee. ie. The registrant organisation
:> has no legal claim to the domain name, only the contact name/s listed on
:> the domain record have any legal right to the domain name.
:> How is this the case? Is every organisation/company that has a .au
:> domain name in trouble if the contact person/s on their domain record
:> get hit by a bus or leave the employment of that company?
:> --
:> Cheers,
:> Jason
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