Re: [DNS] Re: Policy on domain ownership

Re: [DNS] Re: Policy on domain ownership

From: Tony Owen <tony§>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 21:43:51 +0930
>> Which has been maliciously changed since 16:26 this afternoon from a 
>> registrant of "Netriders Australia" to what you see above, when 
>> NetRegistry was formally requested by fax from Netrider to change the 
>> contact name and supply the domain password to the new contacts.

AUDA policy (as I understand it) doesn't allow transfer of domain names 
except in exceptional circumstances which require a process to be followed.
I would suggest you will win on that front if the domain has been 
transferred from your organisation to someone else. If not you should win 
longterm on having the trademark (at a cost I imagine). None of this helps 
in the short term.

I would suggest that you continue your dialogue with Netregistry as it may 
be a simple misunderstanding caused by the other party .. I wouldn't suggest 
at this stage you dont push a conspiracy theory (they had responded to your 
query on this list which indicates they are concerned, and most of the guys 
here would smell a rat if they were playing funny buggers.)

Cheers Tony 
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