Re: [DNS] Re: Policy on domain ownership

Re: [DNS] Re: Policy on domain ownership

From: brett fenton <brettf§>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 22:03:54 +1000
Jason with all due respect we haven't initiated any changes in the
Registrant of the domain name. We especially haven't made any changes
maliciously. At the end of the day NetRegistry has no real vested
interest in seeing this name not being controlled by the rightful person
or persons.

Below is the full WHOIS output for the domain. The date that any
information was last modified on this domain be it contact details, the
Registrant or delegation was 23/02/2005, certainly not this afternoon. 

Brett Fenton

Domain Name:   
Last Modified:           23-Feb-2005 00:03:18 UTC
Registrar ID:            R00015-AR
Registrar Name:          NetRegistry
Status:                  OK

Registrant:              LS1 Owners Club of Australia
Registrant ID:           ABN 53415321024

Registrant ROID:         C1704037-AR
Registrant Contact Name: Jason Fearon
Registrant Email:        jasonf&#167;

Tech ID:                 C1704037-AR
Tech Name:               Jason Fearon
Tech Email:              jasonf&#167;

Name Server:   
Name Server IP:
Name Server:   
Name Server:   
Name Server IP:

On Wed, Mar 30, 2005 at 09:25:43PM +1000, Jason Allen wrote:
:> brett fenton wrote:
:> >We can clear this up right now I believe. 
:> >
:> >The domain in question is, NetRegistry is the Registrar
:> >of the domain name. 
:> >
:> >The legal entity owning the name is:
:> >
:> >Registrant:              LS1 Owners Club of Australia
:> >Registrant ID:           ABN 53415321024
:> Which has been maliciously changed since 16:26 this afternoon from a 
:> registrant of "Netriders Australia" to what you see above, when 
:> NetRegistry was formally requested by fax from Netrider to change the 
:> contact name and supply the domain password to the new contacts.
:> NetRegistry contacted the incorrect contact name listed on the domain 
:> record in response to the fax. This person, or NetRegistry, have since 
:> 16:26 this afternoon modified the domain record. Obviously it is a 
:> malicious pre-emptive attack in an attempt to difuse Netrider as the 
:> legal leasee of
:> In email responses to the NetRegistry Sales Manager this afternoon, 
:> Netrider specifically advised that the domain contact name had no 
:> authority from Netrider and any attempts from this person to claim they 
:> are a representative of Netrider is false and fraudulent. Yet, 
:> NetRegistry have still allowed the domain record to be maliciously updated.
:> Netrider,, and Netriders Australia is a legal 
:> organisation under ABN 20 358 868 741 and with Victorian Business Name 
:> registration and a Trademark on the Netrider name. This has all been 
:> communicated to NetRegistry and it's Sales Manager. In addition to 
:>, Netrider is also the legal leasee of 
:> and
:> >On checking ABR the ABN matches the specified business name. My
:> >understanding is from the one piece of internal communication I've seen
:> >between Jason and a member of NetRegistry is that Jason is confusing the
:> >Registrant and the Registrant/Technical/Admin contacts. 
:> No confusion. As I stated, since 16:26 this afternoon the domain record 
:> for the registrant has been maliciously changed from "Netriders 
:> Australia" to what you outline above. The registrantID has also been 
:> maliciously changed since 16:26 this afternoon
:> >We have procedures in place where for example if an authorized contact 
:> >left an
:> >organization, an offier of the legal entity can follow a process that
:> >requests we modify the appropriate contacts.
:> As per the fax sent to NetRegistry at 16:26 this afternoon, which has 
:> resulted in the malicious change to the domain record.
:> -- 
:> Cheers,
:> Jason
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