Re: [DNS] Re: Policy on domain ownership

Re: [DNS] Re: Policy on domain ownership

From: Jason Allen <jallen§>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 22:20:58 +1000
brett fenton wrote:

> Jason with all due respect we haven't initiated any changes in the
> Registrant of the domain name. We especially haven't made any changes
> maliciously. At the end of the day NetRegistry has no real vested
> interest in seeing this name not being controlled by the rightful person
> or persons.
> Below is the full WHOIS output for the domain. The date that any
> information was last modified on this domain be it contact details, the
> Registrant or delegation was 23/02/2005, certainly not this afternoon. 

I have screenshots of a WHOIS prior to 16:26 this afternoon showing the 
output then and how it differs to a WHOIS output now. Other sources have 
also seen it.

Obviously, a method to change the registrant and registrantID fields 
within a domain name record at NetRegistry does not update the Last 
Modified date. NetRegistry needs to perform a full audit of it's DNS system.

My other email outlining the legal entitlement of Netrider as the domain 
leasee and also the DiG output for both and also further highlights this.

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