RE: [DNS] Why have a policy?

RE: [DNS] Why have a policy?

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Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 20:20:56 +1000
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|> Exactly.
|> Registrars in fact feel to a large degree that auDA is
|> overly influenced by the demand side - there are 6 board
|> members representing the buying public and only three
|> representing supply. Then there is Chris (lets call his
|> position neutral for now), and the Chair who does an
|> excellent job of being neutral to the board composition,
|> which can mean more not on registrars side than on in practice.
|> auDA is not run by registrars. It should be - if it was,
|> policy would be objective and automatic, names would be
|> cheaper and overall a far more rational and market driven
|> system would pertain. I think that that would deliver a
|> better result for all - including those that need
|> protection. For example, I think you would find registrars
|> keen to have a DRP that was affordable - its in our
|> interests for disputes to be handled efficiently and cheaply.
|> Bring on auDA run by supply!
|> Larry

Although the best of intentions may be there, the regulation is to protect
the consumers and public more than business.  I fail to see how having
suppliers dominate the regulation would be an advantage.  Automatic and
cheaper doesn't equate to better or consistant service.  You may argue that
market forces would control the self regulation but we have often seen the
chaos this can produce in the short and even long term, what benefits would
the public get from forcing them into this situation?

I'd also disagree with a market driven system being rational, there are far
too many examples of markets being driven by irrational issues.

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