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Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 11:53:44 +1000

Well, that's an entirely different topic (so I've changed the thread

At present we just charge the same we do for .com .net etc. The truth is
that we have put very little effort into clarifying the strategy for
for some years, so it just sort of rolls along. If we successfully confused
the Australian market, it was certainly not by design. At its inception, I
had great hopes for at a time when was very inefficient,
expensive and restrictive - addressed many of the issues that made difficult. Its definitely not the most underperforming idea to come
out of the dot com boom - at least it's still there.

Its probably very fair to say that we executed poorly on Our
strategy didn't take into account the 'special' role has for
Australia and the resulting resistance faced. In particular, we
underestimated the very negative attitude the industry had towards
and didn't make the case for it to that group adequately.

Nonetheless, we have no plans to drop or close - although that would
make a lot of people on this list happy, no doubt. It has a body of
registrants we will continue to support and who knows - perhaps in the
future it will have a bigger role than it does today. I don't think anyone
is losing sleep over it. Perhaps you've got a better idea for how it could
be used?


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> Larry,
> Why are so expensive then Larry. Especially at
> $9 US per year renewal fee. Perhaps you should put
> into practice what you preach. After all you
> successfully confused the Australian market with that
> domain. 
> Bill
> --- Larry Bloch <larry.bloch&#167;>
> wrote:
> > For a 2 year $50 domain name it looks like this (all
> > prices inc GST):
> > 
> > auDA $8.25
> > AusRegistry (monopoly) $29
> > RegistrarX (competitive) $12.75
> > 
> > Its easy to see where the price distortion is. I'm
> > not sure its registrars
> > that are seeing the 'rivers of gold' mentioned.
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