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Re: [DNS] Whois & Privacy

From: Mike <mjr§>
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 00:11:11 +0930
Kim Davies wrote:

>Quoting Mike on Wednesday April 06, 2005:
>| Bad day Kim?
>Not at all.

Good. You sounded stressed earlier.

>| Surely I don't have to tell you how to find a phone number or an address 
>| once you have a personal name
>I have your name, let's say it is "Mike Smith", now what? I don't see
>how I can find you. How could you find me from my registration?
>The relevant parts read:

I wasn't saying said .au.
If we looked at someone like

Domain Name:   
Last Modified:           16-Nov-2002 04:55:40 UTC
Registrar ID:            R00010-AR
Registrar Name:          Melbourne IT
Status:                  OK

Registrant:              XXXXXXXXXX Pty Ltd
Registrant ID:           XXXXXXXXXX

Registrant ROID:         XXXXXXXXXXXXXX 
Registrant Contact Name: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Registrant Email:        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Tech ID:                XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Tech Name:              XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Tech Email:             XXXXXXXXXXXXX

We can see here what I'd like everyone to see..
Sadly though this isn't the case..
The company details and my email details are all publicly available.
The details I have here are very similar in form to most of the "normal" registrants in the
All we need to do then is start the search from there..
I won't detail it here for the engines thx Kim, but rest assured it would be pretty easy for anyone to get a start at finding the directors or the company.
This is a crazy world we live in.. 

>Domain Name:   
>Last Modified:           Never Updated
>Registrar ID:            R00016-AR
>Registrar Name:          Connect West
>Status:                  OK
>Registrant:              Kim Davies
>Registrant ID:           
>Registrant ROID:         C0874857-AR
>Registrant Contact Name: Kim Davies
>Registrant Email:        kim&#167;
>Tech ID:                 C0874857-AR
>Tech Name:               Kim Davies
>Tech Email:              kim&#167;
>I am not terribly secretive about my address and you can find it at
>hundreds of places on the web, but if I wanted privacy and guarded that
>information - and that is all you had to go on - I don't see where the
>privacy violation is for your contact details.

I too Kim, could be a whole lot more secretive if I wanted too, I wear 
most of my opinions on my sleeve and am known for my belief in 
supporting privacy based issues, let me give you a scenario:

Say Kim Smith hates what he sees on the tv in Europe about his country 
Australia in the media.
He sees how in his eyes, his country has administered a meanspirited 
policy that he thinks holds it back in the eyes of the world.
He reads with interest about how The Police have rugby tackled 
protestors at The Baxter Immigration Prison for flying kites.

He and his wife already sells kites on an existing website..

He thinks that a protest site with a difference is called for, but 
theres a problem, he's associated with the AUST Govt. with his job in 

He thinks his career would end..we've all seen the blog expose examples..
Enter the private domain registration.
Company based registration without the need for a searchable whois entry.
I'm not saying the data won't be given, I'm saying it won't be available 
without a record being created for a good reason like a warrant.

auDA would be in charge of the data..

There's one scenario.

>I would argue there is a public interest in a minimum having the
>eligible name associated with the domain name as public information, as
>well as a contact for matters relating to the domain's operation.
>| , business name and/or a business reg number..
>As Bennett pointed out, a business has no right to privacy, and unless
>the laws have changed recently is legally obligated to disclose their
>ABN (presumably including on their website). If you are making the
>argument that through a company providing an ABN they are losing their
>right to privacy, then I am afraid I don't think the law backs you.
>| yes, I know your details are not in the whois database, but 
>| we are talking about everyone else Kim..
>OK, so whose registration has all their contact details published in
>the .au WHOIS? Please enlighten me. As far as I am aware my domain
>registrations have the same level of exhibition as everyone else.

Not for

Domain Name:   
Last Modified:           16-Nov-2002 06:35:56 UTC
Registrar ID:            R00010-AR
Registrar Name:          Melbourne IT
Status:                  OK

Registrant:              Kim Davies
Registrant ID:           OTHER None given

>(a mac user too)


(at least /*you*/ got my joke:))

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