[DNS] FW: Cybersquatting and secondary market

[DNS] FW: Cybersquatting and secondary market

From: Dirk Hunter <DirkH§stjohnqld.com.au>
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 18:44:51 +1000
Apologies if this has come through twice -> I seem to be having some
issues sending to the list.


I think allowing of "reselling/transferring" of a domain name is
something worth looking at, subject to the new licensee fulfilling all
of the requirements of a new application (ACN / ABN / etc).

I definitely do not think that the restrictions on requirements for
registrations (whether it be Aust citizen/resident for .id.au,
commercial entity for .com.au, NFP for .org.au, etc) should not be
lifted. The current requirements are working well.

- What commercial entities that need a .com.au wouldn't already have an
- Why would a non Australian Resident/Citizen need/want an .id.au?
- What use would a for-profit organization have for an .org.au? 

"If it aint broke...."

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> I define cybersquatting as registering, selling or using a domain name
> with the intent of profiting from the goodwill of someone else's
> trademark.

I agree with this definition.

> Businesses should be able to trade the assets of a business as the
> business evolves.  A person may register "book.com.au", and then
> that that area of business is no longer profitable, or may decide to
> move into another area of business .e.g DVDs.  It is reasonable for
> business to sell the licence to book.com.au and buy the licence to
> dvd.com.au, just as I may decide to sell a seascape painting and buy a
> portrait.

I, at least on a very base level, agree with this view.

I support a Policy Review and Call for Public Submissions on this topic.


Michael Purse
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