[DNS] Time for the rules to changeregardingtransferringdomainname licences

[DNS] Time for the rules to changeregardingtransferringdomainname licences

From: Bennett Oprysa <bennett§enetica.com.au>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 10:46:46 +1000
As I have said, the current process for registrant transfers is far to 
complex and difficult. The time it takes from when someone first 
contacts us about it to when the whole thing is completed ranges from 2 
days to 2 weeks. The specific paperwork required is for whatever reason 
too complicated for people to complete without a lot of hand holding and 
re-tries. I have just recently increased the fees we charge for a 
registrant transfer for .au because of how much of my staff's time they 
take. This cost is obviously paid by the domain owner, as well as the 
other costs they incur in filing in the correct forms etc.

And just to really put this crap about registars being in it just for 
the money to bed, I do not make a single cent when someone transfers a 
gtld to another owner, it is a simple and automated process. That is 
what I want to see in .au, ie I am actually asking to go from a model 
where I do make some money from transfers to a model where I don't.

Yes, the freeing up of the transfer rules will almost certainly mean 
more domain sales, so yes, I will make more money in that way, but as we 
have established, I am actually allowed to make money.

The accusation has been that the ONLY reason we would want these changes 
is to make more money, well, I have given you a perfectly good reason 
why the changes would also benefit domain owners.


Sean Finn wrote:

> If you can successfully answer this question, then you justify your lining
> of your pockets with gold and may continue to do so.
> Making money isn't a bad thing, but my question still remains.
> How will changing the rules regarding transferring of domain name licenses
> benefit the users of .au?
> Any explicit examples of what is wrong with the current method of domain
> transfer to a new owner should be discussed as well. (I'm not an expert on
> it, but I have done three or four).
> I'm trying to be practical and non biased with this question.
> -Sean.
>>Sean Finn [sean.finn&#167;ozservers.com.au] wrote:
>>>How does this benefit the users of .au., not the providers of .au ?
>>this just highlights the flaw in the current board system. everytime the
>>registrars make a suggestion on how to improve the name space we
>>get accused of "lining our pockets with gold".
>>yet there is nobody on the "demand" side of the board that will stick up
>>commercial interests, its basically left up to registrars to defend the
>>users of the name space. and registrars of course cant make any suggestion
>>we would be "lining our pockets with gold".
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