[DNS] Changes to policy

[DNS] Changes to policy

From: Sean Finn <sean.finn§ozservers.com.au>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 12:57:20 +1000
> I agree with Bruce's proposed policy change on this... though I don't see
> the need for a net.au trial - this just confuses things further... I say
> we just move forward.

I agree.

> My personal view is that no, a new license period should not be
> required as with current "registrant transfers" - it should just be
> a simple update to registrant info.

As long as the new registrant is vetted to make sure they meet the
eligibility requirements.

This brings about the question, who pays for the manpower to manually vet
these changes?

I suggest that domain transfers are possible in this manner, but the
registrants must enter into a new 2 year arrangement, with the licensing fee
going to the registrar for performing the registration / incurring the cost
of vetting.

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