[DNS] What The

[DNS] What The

From: Doug Robb <doug§clarity.com.au>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 22:00:15 +0800
Yes good try but I suggest that they won't be accepted as a trade mark - she
should have consulted a trade mark attorney as she's wasted $1000 on that
lot of applications. The basic idea behind trade marks is to create
something that is capable of distinguishing your goods or services from
someone else.

The examiner will likely conclude that two letters are not capable of
distinguishing because of a common need for their use in the general market
place.  Forget about the .com.au bit - examiners these days know all about
domain names and that bit is not considered as part of a potential mark at
all (again because everyone must be able to use those bits).

On the topic of 2 letter domain names I think people are wasting a lot of
time and effort registering these for the motives suggested. Think about
that list below - the only one that would attract my attention would be
tv.com.au and even then you have to spend a massive amount on marketing. Why
wouldn't you be better off with something that you *can* trade mark and
create a brand you own?

The amount of traffic you are going to get from some punter assuming that if
it's something to do with being on tv you will find it at tv.com.au is
almost zero - people just aren't that naive these days. Add that to the fact
that people actually watching tv get to know the urls of the various shows
and media outlets you really are flogging a dead horse on that one and I'd
think that it is the pick of the crop! 

Regards doug


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> I was just browsing ipaustralia and came across the
> following applications
> tv.com.au
> fm.com.au
> sr.com.au
> se.com.au
> mo.com.au
> ae.com.au
> ee.com.au
> gg.com.au
> si.com.au
> All with the application under Internet portal
> services and under the name Amy Clarke. (I'm sure I
> have seen that name refered to recently in the DNS
> list ws?)
> Firstly IMHO I would wonder if they would get accepted
> as a trademark and secondly would this be a "close and
> substantial connection" domain application.
> DJ
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