[DNS] Bankrupt

[DNS] Bankrupt

From: Michael Purse <pursey§gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 12:20:40 +1000

See you in 7 years, I look forward to my "renewal notices" arriving
back in my mailbox in 2013.



On 7/4/06, Chesley Rafferty <chesleyau&#167;yahoo.com.au> wrote:
> Brad asked me to forward this to the list as he's not
> subscribed :
> I'm sure most of you on the domain list will be
> pleased to hear I am now declared officially bankrupt.
> This will undoubtedly bring varying levels of
> happiness to those involved in selling domains from
> those who raise a slight smile, to those who leap
> enthusiastically out of their chairs with their hands
> and feet in the air before landing just in time to
> start the exciting scramble to cut out and gather news
> articles.
> I suggest you take off the Bow Tie, set the TiVo to
> record Big Brother and put off updating your blogs and
> go have a few celebratory beers down the local pub
> because something this exciting might not happen again
> for a few more years to come.
> It was officially at 4.50pm yesterday afternoon that
> the Pink Bankruptcy Card was raised to send me off the
> field for 3 years. So a big Congratulations to the
> captain of the opposite team Nominet as well as all
> their supporters. A special mention to their sponsors
> the UK domain registrants, their coach Allens. Well
> done to the Groundskeeper Chris and a round of
> applause to the Players Enetica, Explorer,
> Benchwarmers Rod and Ron, a can of Fanta and a bag of
> lollies to Waterboy Josh.
> If the game's still worth playing in 3 years time I
> might just get a recall, and if I do you know it will
> be with fresh legs,
> All the Best
> Brad
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