[DNS] David Letterman

[DNS] David Letterman

From: Chesley Rafferty <chesleyau§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 15:07:20 +1000 (EST)
(per Brad)


10) Josh is, according to some official dictionary
definitions, "a joke"

9) His cool clown juggling act of claiming to be "the
cheapest virtual web hosting company in australia" for
so many years, whilst still not getting any (clients)
and at the same time bagging other companies for
misleading ads

8) Making a website entirely composed of copies of
newspaper articles bagging people for copying other
peoples data

7) Spending 3 years spamming out links to his personal
blog , josh.id.au and only getting 1 comment, and 42
rejected comments. This might be because of his belief
that it you put the camera close enough to something
it becomes art,  www.josh.id.au

6) Becoming Australia's Biggest Loser - without losing
any weight

5) Putting  "Nude Pop Stars" ,  "Zan's Zoo " and  
"Sister incest, brother sister incest, mother daughter
incest, mother son incest." under the Cool section in
his www.Josh.nu website 

4) His ability to run a domain registration company
with more staff than domains registered

3) His integrity in rejecting the application to
register josh-is-a-fag.com on the basis that it is a
typo of a well known brand, even though it would
double his customer base

2) Posting to the dns list in excess of 1000 times,
but only writing 28 words of his own

And the Number 1 thing there is to love about Josh:

1) A deep down belief in himself that people actually
like him.

Hopefully Josh serves as enough deterrent for others
being like Josh in the future


--- Josh Rowe <josh&#167;email.nu> wrote:

> Let's hope this serves as a deterrent for others in
> the future.
> Bradley Norrish bankrupt
> http://domainwatch.org/
> Josh
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> http://josh.id.au/
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> http://dotau.org/

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