[DNS] Secondary Market

[DNS] Secondary Market

From: Darryl <dassa§dhs.org>
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 17:04:56 +1000
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|> Look, whatever, your ARE the minority, that's why auDA 
|> relaxed the rules and continues to do so.

I don't have a problem with AuDA reviewing and updating the policy and rules.
It is done in a systematic manner and the process allows everyone to put their
views forward for consideration.  I doubt my views are in the monority, but
who knows.  I haven't seen any statistics relating to the issues.  By the same
token, it can't be claimed your views are the majority.

|> > There lies a fundamental difference, a lot of people would 
|> not, what 
|> > ever the survival requirement.
|> > My comment was within the law as you defined it also.  You can not 
|> > have your cake and eat it too.  What you want opens up the 
|> flood gates 
|> > so you can't decide what gets applied to others without it 
|> applying to 
|> > yourself also.
|> So, if it's within the laws of our country, how would you 
|> take my money, legally?

Haven't given it any thought however it happens to a lot of people every week.

|> > Obviously you don't know anything about me, what I do or what I'm 
|> > involved in.
|> > Suits me, I don't mind surprising the odd people who 
|> attempt to argue 
|> > with me without doing their research.  Especially when 
|> they resort to 
|> > personal attacks.  Just goes to show they don't have any real 
|> > arguments to put forward and have to rely on attempting to 
|> intimidate.
|> Oh, BooHooo want a tissue?

No thanks, I don't want anything other than civil communications from you.

|> The attack came from you old boy.
|> Your exact comments
|> > Personally, I'd make a
|> > point of never dealing with any company you are associated 
|> with and 
|> > making
|> > sure people I know will not deal with you.
|> And you do know I can use this, it is defamation, because 
|> you don't know my company and you have never used my 
|> services or products, so therefore you have no insight into 
|> the quality of my offerings.
|> So all you have is character, again bad news for you.

Thank you for the laugh.  You may want to get some legal advise as to what
constitutes defamation before using it.
|> So surprise me with your fabo research.

I don't need to know anything more about you.  I'm just not interested and it
doesn't have any real bearing on the discussion.  I have no interest in
discussing anything other than the issues.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch 
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