[DNS] Constitutional Changes for auDA

[DNS] Constitutional Changes for auDA

From: Garth Andrew Miller <garth.miller§cocca.cx>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 17:31:16 +0200
... just curious does anybody know what is driving the proposal to  
modify the objects  to read.

" The principal purposes of auDA are: b. to maintain and promote the  
operational stability and utility of the .au ccTLD and more  
generally, the Internet's unique identifier system, and to enhance  
the benefits of Internet to the wider community".

while there can be no no contesting the "enhancement of the internet  
to the wider community" it would seem (on the surface at any rate)  
that by auDA making as its object the  "maintenance of the Internet's  
unique identifier system"  it may be casting a bit of a wide net a -  
and put it  in potential conflict with Australian entities already  
(competently IMO) maintaining the internet's unique identifier system.

IP Address allocation -  APNIC http://www.apnic.org/
eNUM - http://www.acma.gov.au
... of particular interest to me the administration of the CC, CX,  
and NF ccTLDs. TLDs which are currently administered by local  
entities with substantial local support.

Whilst there can be no arguing with the merits of increased co- 
ordination of  policy and technology between the various entities  
(APNIC, ACMA, CIIA (www.nic.cx) and there may be circumstances in  
which auDA may be the logical entity to become more broadly involved   
- insolvency of another "au" player,  failure or technical  
instability in a external territory etc. But this could be  
accomplished  without making these actives the object of the company.

I am not sure that modifying the auDA constitution (as drafted)  is  
the best way to advance this co-operation between the various parties  
in the Commonwealth involved in maintenance of the internets unique  
identifier system.  In the absence of some evidence to the contrary,  
I would suggest that multiple players working co-operatively with  
their own areas of expertise is the best way to stimulate growth of   
the internet  in Australia.

But perhaps I have misinterpreted the drafting, am being paranoid..


Garth Miller
Christmas Island Internet Administration

On 18/07/2006, at 3:32 PM, Anand Kumria wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 17, 2006 at 05:56:11PM +0000, Kim Davies wrote:
>> Quoting Jo Lim on Friday July 14, 2006:
>> | The Business of the EGM is to consider, and if appropriate, pass  
>> a number of
>> | special resolutions to amend auDA's constitution.
>> |
>> | For the full Notice of EGM, including full text of resolutions and
>> | explanatory memorandum, please see
>> | http://www.auda.org.au/agm/egm2006-notice/.
> Interesting auDA looks like it wants to evolve into a LIR.
> Considering that APNIC - for example - generally develops their own
> tools / software and that auDA tenders out, it is an interesting
> strategy.
> I think it'd be more useful for auDA to develop and demonstrate  
> technical
> expertise and capability first before going down this route.
> Anand
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