[DNS] free society Re: Licence Period

[DNS] free society Re: Licence Period

From: Tony Owen <tony§seol.net.au>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 20:59:28 +0930

Now I'm gobbed smacked ...

Vic,  Registrars for a start have a drop list of domains registered through 
their businesses ..

Registrars can also use the 'cancellation period' to reg domains and taste 

If your plan is to respond to every comment .. without answering the 
questions asked of you .. stop responding!

Look at the registrars in the release of the 2 letter domains, most used 
their Registrar Status to gouge pricing that was in the order of thousands 
of percent markup.

What registrar are you from, I'll wonder how much you made from the 2 letter 

Or did you do the right thing and charge your retail? ... or did you work 
out a nifty ways of making thousands without any promise of securing the 



> traders are absolutely allowed to speculate. you really really dont know 
> what you are
> talking about.  there is no insider trading possible here. if there
> where it would already be covered by law. there is no information a
> registrar can get that the man in the street cant get.
> sorry but doesnt matter how you paint it you.  differential pricing is not 
> harm.
> you are clutching at straws here.
> Vic
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