[DNS] Let's Talk Net

[DNS] Let's Talk Net

From: Brendan Lewis <blewis§l2i.com.au>
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 13:12:21 +1100
Sorry to butt in, but ...
I would disagree with your assertion that most websites want the widest
audience possible.  I would suggest that most organisations want the most
targeted audience for their websites to meet their agendas.  Eg If I am
selling gourmet food, I want to reach connoisseurs.  I don't care who else
looks at my site other than the foodies (blind, deaf or otherwise).  However
if I am a statutory monopoly like the AuDA, I would want my message to be
targeted to Australians (eg a demographic that generally speaks english and
is comfortable with terms like "arvo" and may or not may be deaf or blind.)


Brendan Lewis

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> So Edwin, are you telling me that it's OK, if they choose, for a web
> designer to not consider the needs of people with disabilities when
> designing a website?

Are you suggesting it's not?

Most websites - commercial or otherwise - will want the widest audience
possible.  It's therefore in their interests to ensure accessibility if
they want to increase their reach, *provided* that the benefit of that
reach is not outweighed by the cost of implementation.

I think Ian summed up this issue nicely.

Kirk Fletcher

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