[DNS] Monetisation Stats

[DNS] Monetisation Stats

From: Jon Lawrence <jon§jonlawrence.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 07:09:20 -0000
Verisign have done some pretty detailed analysis of the .com & .net zones.
They calculate that 15% of those domain spaces (that's some 9 million names)
are some form of PPC site.  I haven't seen any similar stats from Nominet in
relation to .uk however I'd be very surprised if it wasn't a similar

So, the 10% (of a few hundred thousand) you're claiming for .au certainly
isn't the highest percentage in the world, nor does it say anything
particular meaningful about .au, other than it is slightly less affected by
a particular global trend in the industry than other, less restrictive
domain spaces.  No real surprises there, I would have thought.


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Did you know that almost 10% of .com.au domains are
now monetised. And the majority of these are owned by
3 companies.

I would assume that this must be the highest
percentage in the world.

It says a lot about the development of the au


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