[DNS] Monetisation Stats

[DNS] Monetisation Stats

From: Adrian Kinderis <adrian§ausregistry.com.au>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 15:25:48 +1100
So, before we get a long thread discussing your 10% and whether that is
a large number compared to global variants ,we should qualify your
statement to say that it is in fact "based on your analysis"...

I look forward to hearing further how you did this. There are many
questions that I have already which I will hold until you elaborate
further on your methodology. 

I'm not meaning to shoot you down, this is healthy discussion, provided
when we quote numbers we are either, factual or descriptive as to how we
arrived at them.

Perhaps you could ask auDA to conduct a full and conclusive study as to
the impact of the new policy.

Also instead of assuming that "this must be the highest percentage in
the world" why not conduct the same research you have done to other
namespaces to qualify.

Let's not get lazy in order to use information (however unqualified) to
make judgements on policy etc...


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> I'm impressed and a little intrigued. How did you
> generate such a
> statistic?

I ran an analysis of some 30,000 registered .com.au
sites. When I get the time I will try to break it down
some more. There are some interesting trends
developing like the increase in sex related domains
being registered.

> Also, can I have your clear definition as to what a
> "monetised" site is?

My current definition is sites parked with
monetisation companies uch as fabulous, namedrive etc.
Basically those sites which contain 80% + links which
generate click thru revenue & minimal content.


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