[DNS] Changing whois Contacts

[DNS] Changing whois Contacts

From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve§skeeve.org>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 20:50:25 +1100
Thanks Marty!


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Hey Skeeve
A change of contact details form should be available form the Registrars
website. Complete this form and attach a letter on company letterhead.
Letter to be signed by a Director of the company. 
Once you have the domain password, then you can change the DNS details. The
current contact is unlikely to be aware of your actions, until the site has
With regard to sending the letter, I suggest you could simply fax or post it
to the Registrar. 
If auDA is listed as the Registrar (which is the case for some .org.au,
though not many any more I believe), then send it to auDA. They will have a
process for this. 
Here is suggested text for the letter. 
<registrar name>

By Fax: <registrar fax number>


Re: Change of registrant contact information for <domainname>.xxx.au


This is to certify that the current registrant contact details for
<domainname>.xxx.au are incorrect.


1. Could you please update these details with the new details:


Name - Correct person

Email - Correct email

Phone - Correct phone


2. Could you please notify me once this is complete, so that we can access
the domain name password so that we can update the namesevers.


I certify that I am an authorised representative <company/organsiation>.


If you would like to discuss these changes, please call me.


Kind Regards







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Subject: [DNS] Changing whois Contacts

Hey all, 

        Can someone please tell me process to change registry contact

        Some things to know: 

        - Current Contacts (Registrant and Tech [same]) are hostile 
        - Current contact is not a director of the organisation 
        - Would prefer they are not aware of the change immediately as they
need time to relocate the website. 
        - The wording on the Fax, and where to send it.  I assume the
letting being on letterhead and from one of the directors is enough

        - This is in the .org.au space. 


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