[DNS] Monetisation Stats

[DNS] Monetisation Stats

From: Adrian Kinderis <adrian§ausregistry.com.au>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 23:55:07 +1100

Did you know that 1 in every 10 .au domain owners quote facts that are
neither relevant nor substantiated...? I did not conduct a pole or any
research, just call it intuition.

Opinions you are quite entitled too, just don't quote them as facts;
rather, qualify them so that folks aren't mislead. We then won't get a
stream of emails debating a misinformed argument on this list (which
ironically, I am now contributing to).

Thanks again and sorry all, I couldn't resist...

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Did you not pick up on the subtleties of my last

The au namespace is being exploited because of holes
in the system. Why am I always having to point them
out to you? Are you not capable of analysing your own
data? After all you are the one who manages the au
whois database. 

I use words like "usually" and "majority" and "most"
because that's the way I see it. Pehaps I should start
every sentence with "In my opinion". or "Through my
experience". The data changes every day. How about
8/10 16/20 3000/30000 30,000/600,000.

I don't care who listens to my opinion, I am entitled
to one, so pick on me all you want. 


--- Adrian Kinderis <adrian&#167;ausregistry.com.au> wrote:

> David,
> Did you not pick up on the subtleties of my last
> email?
> Once again, you bombard us with opinion and hearsay.
> Where are your facts to support your statements?
> Why are you including words like "usually",
> "majority" and "most"? These
> simply dilute any credibility your statements were
> attempting to
> generate.
> So please, if you are going to say something, back
> it up with the
> appropriate level of fact or at least explain how
> you arrived at your
> opinion or statistics...
> Oh, and yes, I am picking on you.

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