[DNS] Transfer of Domains

[DNS] Transfer of Domains

From: Kimberley Lowton <klowton§netregistry.com.au>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 11:45:19 +1100
Hi David,

The only fee from auDA to change the registrant of a domain is the fee for a
new 2 year registration.

When the registrant of a domain is changed the existing domain registration
is cancelled, and a new 2 year registration is issued.

In order to process the registrant name change, registrars must abide by the
Registrant Transfer policy set by auDA

As the policy states, it is the responsibility of the registrar to ensure
that both the current and proposed new registrants are eligible to transfer
the licence, and to ensure that the statutory declaration has been completed
and is valid. Registrars must then apply to the .au registry for the change
to be made, and wait for approval. Once approval comes through, most
registrars will then have administration within their own management systems
to ensure that the new registrant is able to manage the domain under a new
account, etc.

Changing ownership details of a .au domain is not quite as simple as "just
updating a number" as you infer. While the actual registry cost may not be
high, the administrative cost of performing the change properly in line with
policy is substantial, which is generally reflected in the overall price
that most registrars will charge.

- Kim Lowton

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I can't see why a fee should be involved for a simple
change of ABN number if all other details remain the
same ie business name, ARBN etc. 

Isn't the domain registered to the business not to the
ABN. ABNs can change quite easily.

If auDA insists on charging a fee for change of ABN
then registrants should be made aware that if they
register the name under the ABN then if they change
their ABN they will be liable for a fee. That way
registrants would be more inclined to register a
domain under the ACN or ARBN which would not change.


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