[DNS] Intaserve

[DNS] Intaserve

From: Tim Malone <t.malone§aussiehq.com.au>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 09:34:32 +1100
There is a difference between what you can provide at those margins, and
what you can provide at the margins other registrars receive.

Rather than complaining, just switch to a registrar that costs more, and
you'll likely get the service you want.

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The cheapest .au domain registrar on the net apparently.

But if your client has a domain registered through them that's a proble,

Cos there is nowhere to login and make changes to the domain delegation
- or anything else 
for that matter. At least not at their main website that you are
directed to from 

Their 24/7 support number just hangs up - at least at 1:30am on a Sunday

When is auDA going to set minimum service standards?


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