[DNS] Intaserve

[DNS] Intaserve

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Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 10:05:01 +1000
This seems to be the issue since they changed their system. We have clients
who have domains with intaserve, and hosting with ourselves and for one
client it took 2+ weeks to get the required account ref and password.

We had a domain or two with intaserve at one stage but we had no clue how to
manage them, so we just transferred them to our preferred registrar.

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| On 11 Jan 2007 at 15:36, Amin Kroll wrote:
| > Thanks for the feedback.
| >
| > The 'myintaserve' site is no longer used nor advertised by us and has
| > replaced by the single Account Management Intaface. You may have
| > the old myintaserve reference from your customers previous developer
| > correspondence. We just updated the link shortly after your highlighting
| > fact that it is still up.
| >
| 1. The myintaserve.com link was supplied by David from your office within
the last three
| days. Funny about that.
| 2. https://commandcentral.com.au/intaserve/login.asp asks for a "Account
Reference". This
| term has no meaning in the Australian domain space and it is undefined on
your site. If the
| registrant doesn't know what their "Account Reference" is they are
stuffed. Or at least they
| have to wait until they get a response from your support team (who can be
a bit obtuse on
| occasion) lob back into work. and get around to answering a few SLAs.
| This is now the predicament I am in. I want to make further changes to the
domain record as
| instructed by the registrant and I can't because neither I nor the the
registrant have been
| supplied with an "Account Reference" let alone the password for access via
the Intaface (sic).
| And we can't recover the password because we don't have an Account
Reference. It's Catch
| 22 all over again.
| And is the Inyaface interface really the one I need to interface with if
all I want to do is
| redelegate the domain away from your lame hosting? The sparse info at
| https://commandcentral.com.au/intaserve/login.asp seems to imply that it
is all about hosting
| (amidst all the spellos).
| The intelligent thing to do would be to have an area where registrants who
are likely to know
| their domain name can recover their "Account Reference" and Password if
the registrant
| email address is correct without having to wait for support to be around.
This is the way
| intelligent registrars do it. It's a no brainer really.
| cb
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