[DNS] Intaserve

[DNS] Intaserve

From: Amin Kroll <amin.kroll§intaserve.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 10:25:56 +1100
Really it comes down to givng the best service to your customer right? So
may I suggest again that if you are having problems accessing the Account
Reference or Password that either you or your customer contact us as soon as
possible to avoid further delays. We're looking forward to helping.

Rather than ranting at people on the street, try knocking on the door.



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On 11 Jan 2007 at 15:36, Amin Kroll wrote:

> Thanks for the feedback.
> The 'myintaserve' site is no longer used nor advertised by us and has 
> been replaced by the single Account Management Intaface. You may have 
> recieved the old myintaserve reference from your customers previous 
> developer correspondence. We just updated the link shortly after your 
> highlighting the fact that it is still up.

1. The myintaserve.com link was supplied by David from your office within
the last three days. Funny about that.

2. https://commandcentral.com.au/intaserve/login.asp asks for a "Account
Reference". This term has no meaning in the Australian domain space and it
is undefined on your site. If the registrant doesn't know what their
"Account Reference" is they are stuffed. Or at least they have to wait until
they get a response from your support team (who can be a bit obtuse on
occasion) lob back into work. and get around to answering a few SLAs.  

This is now the predicament I am in. I want to make further changes to the
domain record as instructed by the registrant and I can't because neither I
nor the the registrant have been supplied with an "Account Reference" let
alone the password for access via the Intaface (sic). 
And we can't recover the password because we don't have an Account
Reference. It's Catch
22 all over again.

And is the Inyaface interface really the one I need to interface with if all
I want to do is redelegate the domain away from your lame hosting? The
sparse info at https://commandcentral.com.au/intaserve/login.asp seems to
imply that it is all about hosting (amidst all the spellos).

The intelligent thing to do would be to have an area where registrants who
are likely to know their domain name can recover their "Account Reference"
and Password if the registrant email address is correct without having to
wait for support to be around. This is the way intelligent registrars do it.
It's a no brainer really.


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