[DNS] misquotes on auda minutes Re: DCITA review of .au

[DNS] misquotes on auda minutes Re: DCITA review of .au

From: Larry Bloch <larry.bloch§netregistry.com.au>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 12:37:22 +1100

For the record, NetRegistry and PlanetDomain Pty Ltd are members of the
industry association and support the submission made to DCITA. We do not
agree with everything in it - as evidenced by our separate submission - but
we support the submission as representative of the industry position.

Who are these mythical registrars who have 'disassociated themselves'.
Personally, I think that that is rubbish - they don't exist. Everyone should
exercise similar scepticism about the existence of these 'rebels' until the
claim is backed by names and evidence, rather than hearsay. Where does this
rumour come from? Chris Disspain/AUDA appears to be the earliest source I
can identify. You can make your own mind up on the veracity of that

That auDA should attempt to avoid addressing the real concerns of the
industry that pays their 'all expenses paid' jaunts around the world with
this sort of unsubstantiated politicking is quite frankly both disgusting
and in keeping.

That auDA received overwhelming support from a bunch of people that have
received grants from the auDA Foundation is hardly what I would be patting
my back about. What percentage of submissions from the industry - a key
constituency regarldess of how much you wish it not to be so - where
overwhel;mingly positive about auDA?

auDA come clean. Address the real concerns that have been expressed.  They
are relevant and vital to achieving your objectives.  Stop playing needless
political games. Stop treating the industry with disdain.


Larry Bloch

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To be a peak body I think you actually have to do something, Vic.

Not only that, but 20% of your membership appears to have disassociated
itself with your submission.

On 3/13/07, Vic Cinc <vicc&#167;cia.com.au> wrote:
> David Goldstein [goldstein_david&#167;yahoo.com.au] wrote:
> > Stick to the argument Vic, don't resort to the gutter attacking the man.
Answer the question. Kim asked a reasonable question and you've not even
bothered to attempt to address it.
> I think the answer to the question is blindingly self obvious david.  
> but for your pelucidatory benefit:
> the industry association was formed to represent the interests of 
> registrars of which the overwhelming bulk are members and that is what 
> it is doing and will continue to do. membership is open to all .au 
> registrars and the association will certainly be making its presence 
> felt over the comming months.
> the association is certainly the peak industry body representing 
> registrars and thus the core of the industry.
> if any auda board member has questions regarding the association they 
> can feel free to contact me directly.
> we would prefer to have a good working relationship with auda, and 
> would have thought that its board members where mature enough to deal 
> with healthy constructive criticism. but attempting to discredit the 
> association by stealth is really not very productive.
> I trust that the minutes of the next auda board minutes will contain 
> appropriate corrections over the misquotings.
> Vic
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