[DNS] misquotes on auda minutes Re: DCITA review of .au

[DNS] misquotes on auda minutes Re: DCITA review of .au

From: Larry Bloch <larry.bloch§netregistry.com.au>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 12:45:10 +1100

For the benefit of this list, could you please identify the 20% that have
disassociated themselves with the submission?



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To be a peak body I think you actually have to do something, Vic.

Not only that, but 20% of your membership appears to have disassociated
itself with your submission.

On 3/13/07, Vic Cinc <vicc&#167;cia.com.au> wrote:
> David Goldstein [goldstein_david&#167;yahoo.com.au] wrote:
> > Stick to the argument Vic, don't resort to the gutter attacking the man.
Answer the question. Kim asked a reasonable question and you've not even
bothered to attempt to address it.
> I think the answer to the question is blindingly self obvious david.  
> but for your pelucidatory benefit:
> the industry association was formed to represent the interests of 
> registrars of which the overwhelming bulk are members and that is what 
> it is doing and will continue to do. membership is open to all .au 
> registrars and the association will certainly be making its presence 
> felt over the comming months.
> the association is certainly the peak industry body representing 
> registrars and thus the core of the industry.
> if any auda board member has questions regarding the association they 
> can feel free to contact me directly.
> we would prefer to have a good working relationship with auda, and 
> would have thought that its board members where mature enough to deal 
> with healthy constructive criticism. but attempting to discredit the 
> association by stealth is really not very productive.
> I trust that the minutes of the next auda board minutes will contain 
> appropriate corrections over the misquotings.
> Vic
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