[DNS] DCITA review of .au

[DNS] DCITA review of .au

From: Marty Drill - Domain Candy <marty§domaincandy.com.au>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 13:11:36 +1100
Hi Larry

I think that this has been taken a little out of context. Regardless of
Registrar opinions about the way minutes have been worded at a Board
Meeting, there is a simple way to resolve this. 

I have suggested to Vic that DIA open a written dialogue with auDA outlining

- it is the Peak Body for Registrars;
- how it is structured;
- how it would like to interact with auDA;
- who speaks on behalf of the association (so auDA knows who to talk to)
Regardless, of what DIA feel about the way auDA have approached the
situation, I think we can start again. I suggest that the support will be
there. Even if it isn't, then at least there will be a formal dialogue,
which cannot be ignored. 



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Stig, Kim,

As I recall, the submission had a number of contributors - myself and other
included. It was circulated to all members with the request to indicate any
items they disagree with. To my knowledge, every issue raised by members of
the Association was incorporated in the submission.

If you believe the DIA is not the peak body for Australian registrars, I
would be very happy to learn which body is as I'd like to join. In fact, it
is the peak body and the only such contender to my knowledge. It has
membership from an overwhelming majority of .au accredited registrars and
auDA's attempts to discredit it are foolhardy and unconstructive. If auDA is
to be taken at its word, then it should be supporting the DIA as a single,
clear voice for the industry.

The reality is that despite comments from auDA that it would welcome such a
body, it does not. Why? Perhaps because the DIA is somewhat critical of
auDA. The reality is that auDA does not want a single clear voice from
registrars, because as a result it may have to listen to our concerns.


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