[DNS] CGDN review

[DNS] CGDN review

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 22:37:26 -0800 (PST)

The success or otherwise of any namespace has nothing to do with saving lives in 

They are 2 totally unrelated issues.


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I suggest you have a look at what is being done within that namespace
and see what communities are up to then make comment.

jim Stewart wrote:
> I think auDA got this wrong the same way they did .id.au .  You can argue
> all you like about the au namespace being great to have town.vic.au etc but
> people will have trouble remembering these names. It's too hard and why
> should they be bothered. People will simply type what they think it maybe
> into Google. I remember Mr Disspain telling me 10 years ago that .id.au
> would be the new gold rush for domains. Too hard. If people want a vanity
> URL they want a simple one. Not one they have to tell people time and time
> again. The shorter the URL the better. People have trouble with .gov.au
> domains their not going to try to learn a new domain structure.
> Rod seriously, were you kidding? A domain name is not a website.
> Jim Stewart
> Managing Director
> Stew Art Media
> On 26 November 2010 17:06, Rod Keys <info&#167;ddns.com.au> wrote:
>> Brett,
>> All the costs are now rolled into the existing system and the ongoing
>> cost of the program would in my view be negligible (gee we run systems
>> just like this the last time I looked but please enlighten my if I am
>> wrong). Some good outcomes have been made in bush fire ravaged areas
>> around Melbourne for local communities to communicate emergency
>> procedures ETC. To not see this is a gross misunderstanding of the facts
>> and I would hope if your one day involved in such a catastrophe you
>> would be glad to have this information at hand ....Sometimes you guys in
>> Sydney should not just focus on the $$$$$. Same Brett shame.
>> I think something like 140 Australians lost their lives during this bush
>> fire and if the community domain name initiatives help save some lives
>> in the future I think that would be well worth it.
>> Have a nice weekend.
>> Rod Keys
>> Brett Fenton wrote:
>>> As you might be aware there is currently a review of the CGDN policy by
>> auDA.
>>> Comments for this close December 3rd, I've submitted my thoughts which
>> I've
>>> copied below.
>>> Basically this program has resulted in 200 registrations at a cost of
>> around
>>> $2M - or $10,000 per domain registered. The original funding for auCD
>> came
>>> from the funds auDA received when the geographic domains were released.
>> That
>>> funding is exhausted, and the program is now being funded as part of the
>> fee
>>> auDA collects on each domain registration.
>>> I feel strongly this is a gross waste of money for zero actual benefit as
>> per
>>> my comments. I would encourage any stakeholder in the .au space from both
>> the
>>> demand and supply sides, to look at this program, and at least ask
>> questions
>>> as to why this is continuing, if not to contrbiute to the public comment
>>> process.
>>> ---Begin
>>> Dear Lujia,
>>> Thank you for the opportunity to express my views of the CGDN policy.
>>> These comments represent the view of the Online Growth Solutions Ltd
>> group of
>>> companies, which includes Netregistry Pty Ltd, Hostess Pty Ltd,
>> PlanetDomain
>>> Pty Ltd, MDWebhosting Pty Ltd and TPP Internet Pty Ltd, all companies are
>>> accredited Registrars in a range of spaces including the .au and gtld.
>>> I shall reserve all of my comments to the following clause in the policy:
>>> "2.1 auDA has created the CGDNs in order to preserve Australian
>> geographic
>>> names for use by the relevant local community. The aim is to provide an
>>> intuitive, standardised naming system to enable better access to local
>>> community, tourism and business information and to facilitate social and
>>> economic benefits to Australian communities."
>>> As at todays date communities have been able to register in the 3th level
>> for
>>> the past 4 years.
>>> During that time a total of just over 200 domains have been registered,
>> at an
>>> expense in excess of approximately $2,000,000.
>>> That is in simple terms some $10,000 per domain registered.
>>> Clearly by any measure, this program has been an abject failure.
>>> >From the cgdn.org.au website:
>>> "The auCD company was wound up on 30th June, 2010 at the project funds
>> end and
>>> auDA is continuing to support the initiative within their operations as
>> part
>>> of their community engagement and education activities."
>>> I question not only the logic of auDA absorbing these ongoing costs, but
>> also
>>> the fact we have an open policy review process, however the decision to
>> bear
>>> those costs, didn't seem to follow the same open decision making process
>> where
>>> any stakeholder comment was sought.
>>> Every domain name registrant currently registering a domain in the .au
>> space
>>> is continuing to fund this program, by way of the auDA fee, and has every
>>> right to be concerned that that money is continuing to be grossly wasted,
>> with
>>> no business case, no expected social outcomes and generally no oversight
>> into
>>> the proposed benefits of the program.
>>> The aim of the policy as stated is clearly not being met, there is no
>> demand
>>> for this space, no uptake by local communities and therefore no increased
>>> access or economic benefits to local communities.
>>> I would call for:
>>> 1) The existing domains to be "grand fathered" for a fixed period of time
>> (of
>>> which there is precedent in the space); and
>>> 2) The immediate cessation of any new registrations; and
>>> 3) auDA providing assistance to transition existing Registrants to a
>> domain in
>>> an existing .au space (org.au).
>>> Regards,
>>> Brett Fenton
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