[DNS] auDA domain news - 5 February

[DNS] auDA domain news - 5 February

From: David Goldstein <david>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2015 08:24:06 +1100


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Guest blog: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Founding Director, World Wide Web Foundation - Net neutrality is critical for Europe's future

< <http://ec.europa.eu/commission/2014-2019/ansip/blog/guest-blog-sir-tim-berners-lee-founding-director-world-wide-web-foundation_en> http://ec.europa.eu/commission/2014-2019/ansip/blog/guest-blog-sir-tim-berners-lee-founding-director-world-wide-web-foundation_en>


The IANA Transition Depends On More Than Just ICANN Accountability Enhancements

< <https://cdt.org/blog/the-iana-transition-depends-on-more-than-just-icann-accountability-enhancements/> https://cdt.org/blog/the-iana-transition-depends-on-more-than-just-icann-accountability-enhancements/>


ICANN CEO Fadi Chehad?: The Internet Is A Tool For Solidarity

< <http://www.forbes.com/sites/techonomy/2015/02/04/icann-ceo-fadi-chehade-the-internet-is-a-tool-for-solidarity/> http://www.forbes.com/sites/techonomy/2015/02/04/icann-ceo-fadi-chehade-the-internet-is-a-tool-for-solidarity/>


Proposal for the Creation of a ?Community Veto? Process on Key Decisions of ICANN?s Board of Directors

< <http://ipjustice.org/wp/2015/02/03/proposal-for-creation-of-community-veto-process-on-key-decisions-of-icann-board-to-achieve-organizational-accountability/> http://ipjustice.org/wp/2015/02/03/proposal-for-creation-of-community-veto-process-on-key-decisions-of-icann-board-to-achieve-organizational-accountability/>


Keyword Domains Again Prominent Part Of Good SEO: AusRegistry Report

< <http://www.domainpulse.com/2015/02/04/keyword-domains-seo-ausregistry/> http://www.domainpulse.com/2015/02/04/keyword-domains-seo-ausregistry/>


VeriSign Earnings Preview: Saturation Of .com And Lack Of Traction For .net Likely Key Issues in the Quarter

< <http://www.trefis.com/stock/vrsn/articles/278531/feb-5-verisign-earnings-preview-saturation-of-com-and-lack-of-traction-for-net-might-further-slow-down-revenue-growth/2015-02-04> http://www.trefis.com/stock/vrsn/articles/278531/feb-5-verisign-earnings-preview-saturation-of-com-and-lack-of-traction-for-net-might-further-slow-down-revenue-growth/2015-02-04>


.NZ Passes 600,000 Registrations

< <http://www.domainpulse.com/2015/02/02/nz-600000-registrations/> http://www.domainpulse.com/2015/02/02/nz-600000-registrations/>


Domain Name Association Survey Reveals Strong Interest in New Domain-Name Extensions

< <http://www.thedna.org/pr_20150204.php> http://www.thedna.org/pr_20150204.php>


.cancerresearch ? a role model for dot-brands?

< <http://domainincite.com/17949-cancerresearch-a-role-model-for-dot-brands> http://domainincite.com/17949-cancerresearch-a-role-model-for-dot-brands>


Cool run on .melbourne holds lessons for .sydney

< <http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/technology/cool-run-on-melbourne-holds-lessons-for-sydney/story-e6frgakx-1227205438610> http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/technology/cool-run-on-melbourne-holds-lessons-for-sydney/story-e6frgakx-1227205438610>


Q&A: The real future according to the inventor of the web

< <http://fusion.net/story/42043/the-real-future-according-to-the-inventor-of-the-web/> http://fusion.net/story/42043/the-real-future-according-to-the-inventor-of-the-web/>






Guest blog: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Founding Director, World Wide Web Foundation - Net neutrality is critical for Europe's future

I would like to welcome Sir Tim Berners-Lee in this first guest blog. Sir Tim makes important and valid points on the issue of net neutrality and the need for establishing European rules so that it remains protected. I find his thoughts to be especially timely given the current debate around the Telecoms Single Market regulation. I met Sir Tim in Brussels in November when we had a very interesting discussion about several issues, not only net neutrality. I hope that his blog will be the first of many to be composed by guest writers. Here it is:

< <http://ec.europa.eu/commission/2014-2019/ansip/blog/guest-blog-sir-tim-berners-lee-founding-director-world-wide-web-foundation_en> http://ec.europa.eu/commission/2014-2019/ansip/blog/guest-blog-sir-tim-berners-lee-founding-director-world-wide-web-foundation_en>


The IANA Transition Depends On More Than Just ICANN Accountability Enhancements

As stakeholders across the spectrum continue to work diligently toward consensus on a strong IANA transition proposal, various members of the US Government have taken pains to express support for both the multistakeholder process and for overall ICANN accountability reform.

< <https://cdt.org/blog/the-iana-transition-depends-on-more-than-just-icann-accountability-enhancements/> https://cdt.org/blog/the-iana-transition-depends-on-more-than-just-icann-accountability-enhancements/>


Wannabe Rulers of the Internet hit control-alt-delete on power plan

The NetMundial Initiative ? ICANN and Brazil's plan to wrest the internet from the US and the NSA ? is attempting a reboot by asking everyone what it should actually do.

< <http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/02/03/netmundial_attempts_net_governance_reboot/> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/02/03/netmundial_attempts_net_governance_reboot/>


China and Russia start again with this UN internet takeover bull****

A new submission to the UN's General Assembly from China, Russia and the 'stans may reignite fears of a government takeover of the internet.

< <http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/02/04/un_china_russia_internet/> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/02/04/un_china_russia_internet/>


IANA Transition Group Will Consider Internal, External Contract Plans at Singapore Meeting from Internet Law Resource Center

Four different models for the transition of Internet Assigned Numbers Authority naming functions will be considered by a working group at the upcoming ICANN Public Meeting in Singapore, a working group member told Bloomberg BNA Feb. 2.

< <http://www.bna.com/iana-transition-group-n17179922741/> http://www.bna.com/iana-transition-group-n17179922741/>


nl: State needs more active role in internet governance - study

The Dutch government could play a much more active role in protecting citizens' rights and freedoms online, according to a report from the international think-tank Adviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken (AIV). Given the numerous security holes in cloud services, it's important that the state takes measures to protect its own services.

< <http://www.telecompaper.com/news/state-needs-more-active-role-in-internet-governance-study--1063401> http://www.telecompaper.com/news/state-needs-more-active-role-in-internet-governance-study--1063401>


Time Is Running Out: The U.S. Must Be Prepared to Renew the ICANN Contract by Brett D. Schaefer, Paul S. Rosenzweig and James L. Gattuso

Last March, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), an arm of the Commerce Department, announced that it intended to ?transition key Internet domain name functions to the global multi-stakeholder community? when the current contract with ICANN expires on September 30, 2015.[1] In its announcement, the NTIA made clear that ICANN would have to meet several conditions before it would allow the transition to occur.

< <http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2015/02/time-is-running-out-the-us-must-be-prepared-to-renew-the-icann-contract> http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2015/02/time-is-running-out-the-us-must-be-prepared-to-renew-the-icann-contract>


The True Faith of Internet Governance: Statism Finds Its Champion

A portion of me sympathizes with Richard Hill. He argues passionately in his recent article, "The True Stakes of Internet Governance" for a statist position on Internet governance. It is hard to be an unheeded prophet; difficult to take positions that are not in the comfortable mainstream of what, as you perceive, are lemmings heading for the cliff. I know the feeling.

< <http://www.circleid.com/posts/20150203_true_faith_of_internet_governance_statism_finds_its_champion/> http://www.circleid.com/posts/20150203_true_faith_of_internet_governance_statism_finds_its_champion/>








Countdown to ICANN 52: Global Domains Division (GDD) Sessions by Akram Atallah

There's a lot to talk about as we head into ICANN 52 in Singapore. Nearly 500 new gTLD strings have been delegated and the Global Domains Division (GDD) continues to expand its services and systems. We're also gearing up to tackle complex issues like Universal Acceptance, an initiative to help ensure all domain names and email addresses are recognized whether they're using Latin, Chinese, Arabic or other character-based scripts.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/blog/countdown-to-icann-52-global-domains-division-gdd-sessions> https://www.icann.org/news/blog/countdown-to-icann-52-global-domains-division-gdd-sessions>


Okay, My Business is Interested in ICANN. Now What? by Christopher Mondini

If you work for a company that depends on the Internet and you are reading this blog, you are likely already aware that ICANN, and its work coordinating the Internet's unique identifiers, matters to you.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/blog/okay-my-business-is-interested-in-icann-now-what> https://www.icann.org/news/blog/okay-my-business-is-interested-in-icann-now-what>


Generation Panel for the Armenian Script Root Zone Label Generation Rules (LGR) Seated

ICANN is pleased to announce that the Generation Panel for the Armenian Script Root Zone Label Generation Rules (LGR) has been seated.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-02-03-en> https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-02-03-en>


Adiel Akplogan to Join ICANN as VP of Technical Engagement

Veteran Internet technology expert Adiel Akplogan is joining ICANN in the newly created role of Vice President for Technical Engagement.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-02-04-en> https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-02-04-en>


Getting Ready to Talk in Singapore by Chris Gift

Last time I blogged I wrote about the roadmap for ICANN community digital services - and the commitment from me to share the priorities and the progress on the way.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/blog/getting-ready-to-talk-in-singapore> https://www.icann.org/news/blog/getting-ready-to-talk-in-singapore>


Overview of Africa Sessions During ICANN 52 Meeting in Singapore

ICANN's 52nd Public Meeting is taking place in Singapore from 8 -12 February at the Raffles City Convention Centre. This meeting comes at a critical time especially with the recent developments since the historic NTIA announcement to transition stewardship of the IANA functions to the multistakeholder community last March 4, 2014.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2-2015-02-03-en> https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2-2015-02-03-en>


Global Internet Stakeholders to Convene in Singapore for ICANN?s 52nd Public Meeting [ICANN news release]

ICANN will convene its 52nd Public Meeting in Singapore, from February 9th to 12th.

< <http://goldsteinreport.com/article.php?article=23466> http://goldsteinreport.com/article.php?article=23466>

< <http://www.domainpulse.com/2015/02/04/icanns-52nd-public-meeting/> http://www.domainpulse.com/2015/02/04/icanns-52nd-public-meeting/>

< <http://www.domainnews.com/global-internet-stakeholders-to-convene-in-singapore-for-icann-s-52nd-public-meeting.html> http://www.domainnews.com/global-internet-stakeholders-to-convene-in-singapore-for-icann-s-52nd-public-meeting.html>


Draft Report: Rights Protection Mechanisms Review

Purpose (Brief): ICANN is posting a draft review report on the rights protection mechanisms (RPMs) established as safeguards in the New gTLD Program. This paper is intended to provide an outline for an initial review of the effectiveness of the rights protection mechanisms.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-3-2015-02-02-en> https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-3-2015-02-02-en>


RSSAC Elects Tripti Sinha as Co-Chair

The Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) has elected Tripti Sinha, Assistant Vice President and Deputy CIO for the Division of Information Technology at the University of Maryland, as co-chair effective 1 January 2015.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2-2015-02-02-en> https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2-2015-02-02-en>


IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group ? Announcement Regarding Community Comments

The IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG)'s Request for Proposals from the operational communities noted the following: "While the ICG is requesting complete formal proposals through processes convened by each of the operational communities, and that all interested parties get involved as early as possible in the relevant community processes, some parties may choose to provide comments directly to the ICG about specific aspects of particular proposals, about the community processes, or about the ICG's own processes.

< <https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-02-02-en> https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-02-02-en>


Akram Atallah, President, Global Domains Division | ICANN, to Mohammed Al Ghanim

New gTLD Application for .PERSIANGULF

< <https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/correspondence/atallah-to-ghanim-02feb15-en.pdf> https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/correspondence/atallah-to-ghanim-02feb15-en.pdf>


Letter from Akram Atallah to Adil El Maliki

New gTLD applications for .TATA

< <https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/correspondence/atallah-to-maliki-02feb15-en.pdf> https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/correspondence/atallah-to-maliki-02feb15-en.pdf>


Letter from Akram Atallah to Boubker Seddik Badr

New gTLD applications for .TATA

< <https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/correspondence/atallah-to-badr-02feb15-en.pdf> https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/correspondence/atallah-to-badr-02feb15-en.pdf>


Letter from Akram Atallah to Chatan Nage

New gTLD applications for .TATA

< <https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/correspondence/atallah-to-nage-02feb15-en.pdf> https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/correspondence/atallah-to-nage-02feb15-en.pdf>


ICANN CEO Fadi Chehad?: The Internet Is A Tool For Solidarity

Where is the Internet taking us, and how do we keep it secure? There?s no shortage of people ready to offer up opinions on such questions, but few who are truly qualified to answer them. Fortunately we asked someone who is?Fadi Chehad?, CEO of ICANN, the public-benefit corporation tasked with keeping the Internet stable. Chehad? calls the Internet a ?platform for human solidarity? that enables us to form networks with ?people we?ve never met? to share ideas, concepts, and resources?and ultimately build consensus.

< <http://www.forbes.com/sites/techonomy/2015/02/04/icann-ceo-fadi-chehade-the-internet-is-a-tool-for-solidarity/> http://www.forbes.com/sites/techonomy/2015/02/04/icann-ceo-fadi-chehade-the-internet-is-a-tool-for-solidarity/>


Proposal for the Creation of a ?Community Veto? Process on Key Decisions of ICANN?s Board of Directors

Amending ICANN's existing corporate bylaws to create a community veto process and a board recall mechanism could empower the ICANN community to over-see the direction of ICANN's board of directors. These bylaws revisions would greatly aid in the organization's effort to be accountable to the community it serves without requiring a radical re-organization of ICANN's legal structure.

< <http://ipjustice.org/wp/2015/02/03/proposal-for-creation-of-community-veto-process-on-key-decisions-of-icann-board-to-achieve-organizational-accountability/> http://ipjustice.org/wp/2015/02/03/proposal-for-creation-of-community-veto-process-on-key-decisions-of-icann-board-to-achieve-organizational-accountability/>





Keyword Domains Again Prominent Part Of Good SEO: AusRegistry Report

Following changes to Google's search algorithms reducing the importance of domain names in search engine optimisation (SEO) ranking, recent data indicates that exact match and keyword domains have once again become a prominent part of good SEO practice.

< <http://goldsteinreport.com/article.php?article=23472> http://goldsteinreport.com/article.php?article=23472>

< <http://www.domainpulse.com/2015/02/04/keyword-domains-seo-ausregistry/> http://www.domainpulse.com/2015/02/04/keyword-domains-seo-ausregistry/>

< <http://www.domainnews.com/keyword-domains-good-seo-ausregistry.html> http://www.domainnews.com/keyword-domains-good-seo-ausregistry.html>


?Behind the Dot: State of the .au Domain? report examines the relationship between Search and Domains

Over the last 18 months, changes to Google?s search algorithms have caused many to re-evaluate their domain name portfolios and Search Engine Optimisation strategies.

< <http://ausregistry.com.au/news/state-of-the-domain-report-explores-search-and-domain> http://ausregistry.com.au/news/state-of-the-domain-report-explores-search-and-domain>


Behind the Dot ? State of the .au Domain: Search and Domains

The second edition of AusRegistry's Industry Report 'Behind the Dot - State of the .au Domain' explores the relationship between Search and Domains, principally how that has changed and evolved over time. The feature story includes contributions from industry experts and businesses operating in the area of Search and Domains.

< <http://ausregistry.com.au/research-au> http://ausregistry.com.au/research-au>


VeriSign Earnings Preview: Saturation Of .com And Lack Of Traction For .net Likely Key Issues in the Quarter

VeriSign is set to release its Q4 2014 earnings on February 5th. VeriSign, the authoritative registry service provider for all .com and .net gTLDs, as well as the sole registry service provider for gTLDs like .cc, .tv, .gov, .jobs, .edu and .name, enjoys a 47% market share.

< <http://www.trefis.com/stock/vrsn/articles/278531/feb-5-verisign-earnings-preview-saturation-of-com-and-lack-of-traction-for-net-might-further-slow-down-revenue-growth/2015-02-04> http://www.trefis.com/stock/vrsn/articles/278531/feb-5-verisign-earnings-preview-saturation-of-com-and-lack-of-traction-for-net-might-further-slow-down-revenue-growth/2015-02-04>


.net zone back above 15 million names

The Verisign legacy gTLD has topped 15 million names again, a bit over a month after it dipped below the notable but ultimately irrelevant threshold. Today, the .net zone has 15,000,038 names in its zone file.

< <http://domainincite.com/17938-net-zone-back-above-15-million-names> http://domainincite.com/17938-net-zone-back-above-15-million-names>


.NZ Passes 600,000 Registrations

New Zealand's country code, .nz, passed the 600,000 mark last week. While not in the millions of registrations like some, it is still an impressive figure for the ccTLD given New Zealand's population is 4.4 million.

< <http://goldsteinreport.com/article.php?article=23464> http://goldsteinreport.com/article.php?article=23464>

< <http://www.domainpulse.com/2015/02/02/nz-600000-registrations/> http://www.domainpulse.com/2015/02/02/nz-600000-registrations/>

< <http://www.domainnews.com/nz-600-000-registrations.html> http://www.domainnews.com/nz-600-000-registrations.html>


600,000 and counting as Kiwi businesses register domains

InternetNZ has reported that the 600,000th .nz domain name was registered last week with the milestone passed just before 5pm, Wednesday 28th January 2015.

< <http://www.computerworld.co.nz/article/565335/600-000-counting-kiwi-businesses-register-domains/> http://www.computerworld.co.nz/article/565335/600-000-counting-kiwi-businesses-register-domains/>


New Zealand hits 600,000th .nz domain name registrations

New Zealand internet advocacy group InternetNZ has announced that the 600,000th .nz domain name has been registered.

< <http://www.telecompaper.com/news/new-zealand-hits-600000th-nz-domain-name-registrations--1062644> http://www.telecompaper.com/news/new-zealand-hits-600000th-nz-domain-name-registrations--1062644>


Toilet Paper Test not to blame as .tp faces deletion

The DNS root zone file is set to shrink, albeit only temporarily, with ICANN planning to delete the redundant ccTLD .tp in the coming weeks.

< <http://domainincite.com/17942-toilet-paper-test-not-to-blame-as-tp-faces-deletion> http://domainincite.com/17942-toilet-paper-test-not-to-blame-as-tp-faces-deletion>





Domain Name Association Survey Reveals Strong Interest in New Domain-Name Extensions

The Domain Name Association (DNA) has announced the results of a recent global survey to ascertain Internet users' attitudes toward new Internet domain-name extensions, such as ".club" and ".global," that are being released through ICANN's "New gTLD Program."

< <http://www.thedna.org/pr_20150204.php> http://www.thedna.org/pr_20150204.php>


New gTLD Awareness Remains Low Despite Growing Interest in New Domain Extensions

Internet users around the world are just as comfortable with new gTLDs as they are with the traditional .com and country-code extensions, even though only 25 percent said they are aware of new gTLDs, the Domain Name Association (DNA) said. The DNA announced the results of its Global Domain Name Preferences Study this week.

< <http://www.thewhir.com/web-hosting-news/new-gtld-awareness-remains-low-despite-growing-interest-new-domain-extensions> http://www.thewhir.com/web-hosting-news/new-gtld-awareness-remains-low-despite-growing-interest-new-domain-extensions>


What the DNA report about new TLDs tells us

The Domain Name Association (DNA) released results of a survey this morning designed to understand consumer sentiment toward domain names, and especially new TLDs.

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2015/02/04/what-the-dna-report-about-new-tlds-tells-us/> http://domainnamewire.com/2015/02/04/what-the-dna-report-about-new-tlds-tells-us/>


New .CANCERRESEARCH Unique Among New gTLDs With A Goal As Information Resource

On the day that, in the UK at least, it was announced half of all people will be diagnosed with cancer and on World Cancer Day, the new gTLD .CancerResearch has launched.

< <http://www.goldsteinreport.com/article.php?article=23474> http://www.goldsteinreport.com/article.php?article=23474>

< <http://www.domainpulse.com/2015/02/04/new-cancerresearch-unique-gtlds/> http://www.domainpulse.com/2015/02/04/new-cancerresearch-unique-gtlds/>

< <http://www.domainnews.com/new-cancerresearch-unique-among-gtlds.html> http://www.domainnews.com/new-cancerresearch-unique-among-gtlds.html>


.cancerresearch - Can a New TLD Beat a Global Disease? by Tony Kirsch

I wish cancer research didn't exist. Imagine a world without cancer, where a cure existed to eradicate this disease. Today, the best way for us to achieve this is through cancer research, and extremely bold goals like this require game-changing innovation. Fittingly, the .cancerresearch TLD will launch on World Cancer Day (February 4) and use this fantastic new digital platform to show that cancer, its treatments and its cures, are not beyond us.

< <http://www.ariservices.com/blog/cancerresearch-can-a-new-tld-beat-a-global-disease/> http://www.ariservices.com/blog/cancerresearch-can-a-new-tld-beat-a-global-disease/>


.cancerresearch ? a role model for dot-brands?

.cancerresearch went live today with an interesting, and possibly unique to date, take on the new gTLD concept.

< <http://domainincite.com/17949-cancerresearch-a-role-model-for-dot-brands> http://domainincite.com/17949-cancerresearch-a-role-model-for-dot-brands>


Cancer research goes digital with TLD

While some charities beg for cash on the kerb, a leading cancer non-profit is courting young philanthropists in cyberspace by becoming the first charity to register a TLD.

< <http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/digital-life/digital-life-news/cancer-research-goes-digital-with-toplevel-domain-20150203-1350jh.html> http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/digital-life/digital-life-news/cancer-research-goes-digital-with-toplevel-domain-20150203-1350jh.html>

< <http://watoday.com.au/digital-life/digital-life-news/cancer-research-goes-digital-with-toplevel-domain-20150203-1350jh.html> http://watoday.com.au/digital-life/digital-life-news/cancer-research-goes-digital-with-toplevel-domain-20150203-1350jh.html>


Cool run on .melbourne holds lessons for .sydney

THE Sydney-versus-Melbourne rivalry heads for cyber space this month as the .sydney gTLD rolls out following .melbourne?s lift-off last year.

< <http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/technology/cool-run-on-melbourne-holds-lessons-for-sydney/story-e6frgakx-1227205438610> http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/technology/cool-run-on-melbourne-holds-lessons-for-sydney/story-e6frgakx-1227205438610>


Donuts Marks One Year of New gTLD Availability with Over 1.2 Million Registrations

Donuts Inc., the world?s largest registry for new gTLDs, marked the one-year anniversary of general availability of new Internet identities today, reporting that its 150 now live gTLDs are home to more than 1.2 million registrations, accounting for nearly one third of the four million total names registered across all new gTLDs.

< <http://www.donuts.co/news/donuts-marks-one-year-of-new-gtld-availability-with-over-1-2-million-registrations/> http://www.donuts.co/news/donuts-marks-one-year-of-new-gtld-availability-with-over-1-2-million-registrations/>


?dotBank, dotBeer or dotFootball are more memorable than country code domain names? - Face off: Stuart Fuller, director, commercial operations, NetNames

EVER since internet came into being, people typed ?.com? or ?.org? to visit websites of their choice. It was in 2011 that ICANN announced a shake-up in the system that millions of people across the world used to navigate the web.

< <http://www.financialexpress.com/article/industry/tech/dotbank-dotbeer-or-dotfootball-are-more-memorable-than-country-code-domain-names/38242/> http://www.financialexpress.com/article/industry/tech/dotbank-dotbeer-or-dotfootball-are-more-memorable-than-country-code-domain-names/38242/>


Neustar grossed about $2 million revenue from new TLDs in Q4

Neustar reported 4th quarter 2014 earnings yesterday after the market closed. On the company?s conference call, CFO Paul Lalljie reported that the company pulled in about $2 million in revenue in the fourth quarter from new TLDs, and much of that came from the .NYC launch.

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2015/02/04/neustar-grossed-about-2-million-revenue-from-new-tlds-in-q4/> http://domainnamewire.com/2015/02/04/neustar-grossed-about-2-million-revenue-from-new-tlds-in-q4/>


Introducing .HOW: a new space for learning

Since its inception, the Internet has been a powerful platform to share knowledge, connect with others, and search for information. We turn to the web to learn how to look great, make a killer banh mi, impress a French woman, speak, play, learn, and live -- the list goes on. Indeed, more people search for ?how? than any of the five ?W?s, finding their answers in blogs, videos, online books, interactive tutorials and other corners of the web.

< <http://googleandyourbusiness.blogspot.com.au/2015/02/introducing-how-new-space-for-learning.html> http://googleandyourbusiness.blogspot.com.au/2015/02/introducing-how-new-space-for-learning.html>


Getting New gTLDs' Sales Drivers Right: Simulations Are Key by Alex Tajirian

The new gTLDs won't survive unless registries learn simulation techniques, the only way to understand how sales drivers interact. Some of the new gTLDs have done dismally. Registry critics, including insiders, blame high registration prices, limited supply, and restrictions on usage, competition, and marketing messages. But these drivers connect with each other. You can't talk about prices without talking about price-setting mechanisms and the number of registrations.

< <http://www.circleid.com/posts/20150204_getting_new_gtlds_sales_drivers_right_simulations_are_key/> http://www.circleid.com/posts/20150204_getting_new_gtlds_sales_drivers_right_simulations_are_key/>


Internet domain names in Indian Languages

?Language should not be a barrier to anyone who wants to access the Internet for availing of any service or finding useful information or even entertainment. Therefore we have taken this initiative of having domain names in Devanagari script as a first step towards making the multilingual Internet covering all the 22 constitutional languages of the country, says Dr Govind, CEO, National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI)

< <http://computer.financialexpress.com/magazine/internet-domain-names-in-indian-languages/8613/> http://computer.financialexpress.com/magazine/internet-domain-names-in-indian-languages/8613/>


Why the TLD Revolution Fizzled Out

On Feb. 4 last year, internet users could for the first time have some fun with their website domain names. For decades, the web had been restricted to handful of TLDs, such as the .com in qz.com. But in 2014, website registrants could start using the first of hundreds of new names that supposedly would come to populate the web.

< <http://www.nextgov.com/cio-briefing/2015/02/why-top-level-domain-revolution-fizzled-out/104439/> http://www.nextgov.com/cio-briefing/2015/02/why-top-level-domain-revolution-fizzled-out/104439/>


Lessons From a Workshop on Domain Name Dispute Resolution

On Dec. 4 and 5, 2014, trademark practitioners, brand owners and registrars from around the world gathered for the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center's annual WIPO Advanced Workshop on Domain Name Dispute Resolution: Update on Precedent and Practice, at WIPO's headquarters in Geneva. The workshop was at capacity with nearly 100 attendees, all interested in better understanding the latest substantive and procedural issues in domain name decisions. This article highlights some key takeaways for in-house counsel seeking to protect their companies' brands in the changing domain-name space.

< <http://www.thelegalintelligencer.com/id=1202716902554/Lessons-From-a-Workshop-on-Domain-Name-Dispute-Resolution> http://www.thelegalintelligencer.com/id=1202716902554/Lessons-From-a-Workshop-on-Domain-Name-Dispute-Resolution>


>From .COM to .BANK: What You Need to Know About the Newest Internet Domain Name

In just a few months, the new .BANK Internet domain will open up to members of the financial services community. Many banks are already planning on taking advantage of this change and applying for this new verified, secure domain name.

< <http://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/from-com-to-bank-what-you-need-to-kno-78190/> http://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/from-com-to-bank-what-you-need-to-kno-78190/>





Obama asks for $14 billion to step up cybersecurity

Following through on his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama has added $14 billion to the 2016 budget proposal to beef up cybersecurity in the US, according to Reuters. If approved by Congress, this money would be used to better protect government and private computer systems from hackers.

< <http://www.cnet.com/news/obama-adds-14b-to-budget-for-stepped-up-cybersecurity/> http://www.cnet.com/news/obama-adds-14b-to-budget-for-stepped-up-cybersecurity/>


One-Third of Companies Feel Ill-Prepared to Meet New EU Cybersecurity Requirements

Europe will introduce new cybersecurity measures that govern data protection in the next two to three years. Instituted by the EU Networking and Information Security (NIS) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), these rules will require hardware and software changes along with new reporting requirements.

< <http://www.thewhir.com/web-hosting-news/one-third-companies-feel-ill-prepared-meet-new-eu-cybersecurity-requirements> http://www.thewhir.com/web-hosting-news/one-third-companies-feel-ill-prepared-meet-new-eu-cybersecurity-requirements>


Here?s Where Europe Has Made Big Changes in Cyber Security

It is close to two years to the day that the European Union published its first-ever Cybersecurity Strategy. The document included such high-flying mouthfuls such as ?achieving cyber resilience,? ?drastically reducing cyber crime,? and developing coherent cyberdefense and international cybersecurity policies. What has happened since?

< <http://www.defenseone.com/threats/2015/02/heres-where-europe-has-made-big-changes-cyber-security/104454/> http://www.defenseone.com/threats/2015/02/heres-where-europe-has-made-big-changes-cyber-security/104454/>


U.S. Officials Say Chinese Cyberespionage ?Needs to Stop?

The top cybersecurity officials in the United States on Wednesday said that China is harming the potential for an open Internet through its policies of censorship, and also said the country?s continued cyberespionage operations are damaging the two countries? relationship.

< <http://threatpost.com/u-s-officials-say-chinese-cyberespionage-needs-to-stop/110858> http://threatpost.com/u-s-officials-say-chinese-cyberespionage-needs-to-stop/110858>


1,800 Domains Overtaken by Flash Zero Day

When the Blackhole exploit kit went away after the arrest of its alleged creator and maintainer Paunch, there were questions about which kit would rise up as its successor.

< <http://threatpost.com/1800-domains-overtaken-by-flash-zero-day/110835> http://threatpost.com/1800-domains-overtaken-by-flash-zero-day/110835>


Deloitte launches online Australian cyber intelligence centre

Professional services firm Deloitte has set up an online cyber intelligence centre in Australia to help its clients respond to data breaches and other cyber security issues.

< <http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/565503/deloitte-launches-online-australian-cyber-intelligence-centre/> http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/565503/deloitte-launches-online-australian-cyber-intelligence-centre/>





Playboy Enterprises Wins Playboy.london Cybersquatting Case

Playboy Enterprises was victorious in its cybersquatting claim against real estate exec Michael Ross, who scooped up the domain name Playboy.london when it became available two years ago.

< <http://newswire.xbiz.com/view.php?id=190494> http://newswire.xbiz.com/view.php?id=190494>


Gay Oregon couple who bought domain name JebBushforPresident.com in 2008 refuse to sell it to him... and plan to use site to promote LGBT issues

If he plans to run for president, Jeb Bush is going to have to get a little more creative with his campaign website's name.

< <http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2936921/Gay-Oregon-couple-bought-domain-JebBushforPresident-com-2008-refuse-sell-plan-use-site-promote-LGBT-issues.html> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2936921/Gay-Oregon-couple-bought-domain-JebBushforPresident-com-2008-refuse-sell-plan-use-site-promote-LGBT-issues.html>



- IPv4/IPv6


Addressing 2014 - And then there were 2! by Geoff Huston

Time for another annual roundup from the world of IP addresses. What happened in 2014 and what is likely to happen in 2015? This is an update to the reports prepared at the same time in previous years, so lets see what has changed in the past 12 months in addressing the Internet, and look at how IP address allocation information can inform us of the changing nature of the network itself.

< <http://www.potaroo.net/ispcol/2015-01/addressing2014.html> http://www.potaroo.net/ispcol/2015-01/addressing2014.html>


Internet Society tries to serve ?Net providers tasty IPv6-and-DNSSEC salad

Hot on the heels of the Sri Lankan edition last month, the Internet Society's ION Conference is coming to Trinidad and Tobago later this week, where experts will outline the business case for IPv6 and DNSSEC, as well as Transport Layer Security (TLS), "BCP38" anti-spoofing filtering, and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) security.

< <http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/02/internet-society-tries-to-serve-net-providers-tasty-ipv6-and-dnssec-salad/> http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/02/internet-society-tries-to-serve-net-providers-tasty-ipv6-and-dnssec-salad/>


Internet Society?s 2015 ION Conference Series Drives Regional Discussion of Emerging Technologies

The Internet Society Deploy360 Programme today announced it will extend the discussion of emerging technology issues to more countries and promote technology dialogue at a local level through the addition of regions to its 2015 ION Conference Series. The 2015 series, sponsored by Afilias, is already underway and launched on January 18 in Kandy, Sri Lanka with ION Sri Lanka, paving the way for the next ION event, ION Trinidad and Tobago, which will take place in the Caribbean this week. The year?s series will conclude this fall in San Francisco, the site of the first ION Conference in 2010.

< <http://www.internetsociety.org/news/internet-society?s-2015-ion-conference-series-drives-regional-discussion-emerging-technologies> http://www.internetsociety.org/news/internet-society?s-2015-ion-conference-series-drives-regional-discussion-emerging-technologies>





Q&A: The real future according to the inventor of the web

Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. And the web, as he conceived it, was made as much of principles as protocols. It would be free, open, and permissionless. Anyone could link to anyone. And in a now-unthinkable act of good faith, Berners-Lee refused to patent his invention. Remarkably, this crazy scheme worked. The web crushed the other Internet protocols like Gopher, and also the surprisingly Facebook-like America Online and its nerdy cousins, Prodigy and Compuserve (even if it did take a decade). Now, the web is so ubiquitous that many people think the Internet is the web. ... I think part of [the problem] is that I used the domain name system because it was there. I remember when the domain name system became seriously commercially used, Esther Dyson was the first person in charge of ICANN and she told everyone how great it was that domains were rented, not sold. ... I still think the domain name system needs to be changed. I have talked about having something like Docarchive where they are not rented, but given. And when you use one, and if you go bankrupt, someone will take it over.

< <http://fusion.net/story/42043/the-real-future-according-to-the-inventor-of-the-web/> http://fusion.net/story/42043/the-real-future-according-to-the-inventor-of-the-web/>


Moniker lost over 60,000 .com domain names in October

MonikerVerisign?s latest .com monthly report has been published by ICANN, and Moniker?s woes from its platform switch over the summer appear to have finally caught up with it.

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2015/02/03/moniker-lost-over-60000-com-domain-names-in-october/> http://domainnamewire.com/2015/02/03/moniker-lost-over-60000-com-domain-names-in-october/>


Safe GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad Resonates with Small Business Owners

GoDaddy ran its replacement Super Bowl ad last night, appealing to the small business customer and entrepreneurs that have to miss out on the big game because of work.

< <http://www.thewhir.com/web-hosting-news/safe-godaddy-super-bowl-ad-resonates-small-business-owners> http://www.thewhir.com/web-hosting-news/safe-godaddy-super-bowl-ad-resonates-small-business-owners>


NamesCon Domain Name Conference Recap ? DNW Podcast #018

Take a walk on the floor of NamesCon 2015 in Las Vegas in this episode of the Domain Name Wire Podcast. I walk the exhibit floor talking to exhibitors, pop in on a few sessions, and also play part of Frank Shilling?s keynote.

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2015/02/02/podcast-namescon/> http://domainnamewire.com/2015/02/02/podcast-namescon/>





Sydney Web Host Crucial Acquires Hosting Company AVS Networks

Sydney web hosting company Crucial has acquired local hosting and domain registration firm AVS Networks on Tuesday. The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

< <http://www.thewhir.com/web-hosting-news/sydney-web-host-crucial-acquires-local-hosting-company-avs-networks> http://www.thewhir.com/web-hosting-news/sydney-web-host-crucial-acquires-local-hosting-company-avs-networks>


in: GoDaddy, Microsoft come together to get SMBs online for Rs 99 a month

GoDaddy has collaborated with Microsoft to launch its Get Online Today offer to help SMBs and entrepreneurs get on the web for just Rs 99 per month.

< <http://www.financialexpress.com/article/companies/godaddy-microsoft-come-together-to-get-smbs-online-for-rs-99-a-month/39063/> http://www.financialexpress.com/article/companies/godaddy-microsoft-come-together-to-get-smbs-online-for-rs-99-a-month/39063/>


in: GoDaddy and Microsoft will help your business go online in 30 minutes at Rs 99 per month

Are you running a small business and wish to have a website? Or, do you want to start your business with a website first? If having a website with custom domain and email is all you want to start your online journey then you can have it now by paying just Rs 99 per month.

< <http://indianexpress.com/article/technology/social/godaddy-and-microsoft-will-help-your-business-go-online-in-30-minutes-at-rs-99-per-month/> http://indianexpress.com/article/technology/social/godaddy-and-microsoft-will-help-your-business-go-online-in-30-minutes-at-rs-99-per-month/>





My thoughts on $9 million Porno.com domain name sale

... Here are my thoughts on the sale. 1. First, a hat tip to Schwartz. He?s a polarizing figure, and you might not agree with everything he does or says. But this latest sale solidifies him in the halls of domaining. And, regardless of what you think of his antics, his big sales help all .com domain name owners.

< <http://domainnamewire.com/2015/02/03/my-thoughts-on-9-million-porno-com-domain-name-sale/> http://domainnamewire.com/2015/02/03/my-thoughts-on-9-million-porno-com-domain-name-sale/>


Schwartz sells porno.com for $8.9 million

The domain name porno.com has changed hands for $8,888,888, making it the fourth highest-value domain to be sold.

< <http://domainincite.com/17947-schwartz-sells-porno-com-for-8-9-million> http://domainincite.com/17947-schwartz-sells-porno-com-for-8-9-million>


Measles.com Domain Name is for Sale

... I was curious who owns the Measles.com domain name, and it appears to be owned by a healthcare company. The domain name is currently parked with pay per click advertising links, and you?ll see a banner across the top of the landing page announcing that Measles.com is for sale. After a bit of searching, I learned that Measles.com is being brokered exclusively by Right of the Dot.

< <http://www.domaininvesting.com/measles-com-domain-name-sale/> http://www.domaininvesting.com/measles-com-domain-name-sale/>


Biggest Domain Sale in 5 Years Rung Up By Rick Schwartz - Porno.com Brings $8,888,888!

"Domain King" Rick Schwartz has done it again! The pioneering domain investor and co-founder of the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference has closed the sale of Porno.com for just under $8.9 million - $8,888,888 to be exact.

< <http://www.dnjournal.com/archive/lowdown/2015/dailyposts/20150202.htm> http://www.dnjournal.com/archive/lowdown/2015/dailyposts/20150202.htm>


Frank Schilling: Unlocking the value of domain names

There are many residents of Grand Cayman who have probably never heard of Frank Schilling nor of his Cayman-based companies, Uniregistry and DomainNameSales.

< <http://www.compasscayman.com/journal/2015/02/04/Frank-Schilling--Unlocking-the-value-of-domain-names/> http://www.compasscayman.com/journal/2015/02/04/Frank-Schilling--Unlocking-the-value-of-domain-names/>


Qihoo pays record price for full rights to 360 domain

Is the domain name 360.com more valuable than sex.com? For Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd, the answer is yes.

< <http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/bizchina/2015-02/05/content_19493124.htm> http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/bizchina/2015-02/05/content_19493124.htm>





Privacy Concerns and Web Analytics

When done correctly Web tracking can actually be beneficial to both users and marketers - are you convinced? I?ve had a number of conversations in the past week about digital analytics (and digital marketing in general) and privacy concerns. Mostly, these have been with acquaintances that aren?t all that familiar with what we actually do, other than what they read in the news, and two things have struck me about these conversations.

< <http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2393276/privacy-concerns-and-web-analytics> http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2393276/privacy-concerns-and-web-analytics>





au: How will data retention laws cope with the Internet of Things?

One of the many things that is troubling about the current Australian government?s metadata retention proposals is how rooted in the past they are, which could make them obsolete before they even come into force.

< <http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/565504/how-will-data-retention-laws-cope-internet-things/> http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/565504/how-will-data-retention-laws-cope-internet-things/>


au: Journalists should be shielded from phone and web snooping, union says

Australia?s Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) has called for journalists to be exempt from government access to phone and web data, warning that the government?s data retention proposal risks making it impossible for a free press to function.

< <http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2015/jan/30/journalists-should-be-shielded-from-phone-and-web-snooping-union-says> http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2015/jan/30/journalists-should-be-shielded-from-phone-and-web-snooping-union-says>





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