Re: DNS: The plight of the uninformed

Re: DNS: The plight of the uninformed

From: Stephen Gillies <max§>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 10:14:13 +1100
>Let me spell it out. We expect that our company be contacted by Melbourne 
>IT if we have any obligations to them.

 The general feeling at the last DNS Forum meeting was of this opinion
 as well. (now where did the copy of the minutes go?)

 The upcomming paper to be released at the end of the month from the
 DNS Forum should begin discussions in the public arena (raise public
 awareness, what- ever we want to call it). perhaps we could have an 
 update from the working group to make sure things are on track?

 meanwhile, perhaps it is time for the second working group (of which
 I am a member) to start talking to each other. Dispite several
 private emails to Luke, I haven't received the details of the other
 people in the working group which has as it's aim to publicise the
 paper to the general community-

 From comments on this list and comments directed to me privately, perhaps
 the second working group should chat with MelbourneIT. It seems to
 me that there's a common goal; to get in contact with present domain
 name holders and educate them about which way the industry is heading.




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