Re: DNS: ADNA Memoranda & Articles

Re: DNS: ADNA Memoranda & Articles

From: Simon Hackett <simon§>
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 12:45:26 +0900
>> What about the and
>> that been floated around - either they have been rejected or haven't even
>> been tried [...]
>Michael Malone and Simon Hackett can answer definitively, but my
>understanding is that kre has neither accepted nor rejected the proposal

this is indeed my understanding of the current situation. There is no
answer I have seen from kre to the question "can we 'do'", but I'm
also not sure that he was, ever, specifically asked - because the proposal
came into existence after the ADNA discussions began, and it is essentially
in limbo until either ADNA exists and is capable of making a decision on
it, or ADNA explodes into a puff of <something> and we just go back to
asking kre directly (if he cares).

Look, was, and is, partly a straw-man to push the point that the
lack of competition in is a bad thing. That statement is still true
and is at the heart of some of the issues around why ADNA (or something)
needs to exist.

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