Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 18:21:34 +1000
Geoff Huston speaks:

>ISOC-AU does see itself as having a role in advocating the position
>of the Internet user,

Based on the  "We see" paragraph below, ISOC does not however represent the
majority interests of the Internet User Community - the Netizen for want of
a better word.  It does have a very mixed membership, which is far better
than the current ADNA membership, or even that of INTIAA/AIA.   But the
point is still that ISOC only represents a portion of the community.

>and, perhaps more deeply, in advocating a position
>which attempts to place such critical components of the Internet
>infrastructure on a stable and fair footing.

I think, overall, most wish to see the above unfold.

>We see

Authoritive for ISOC.  OK.

>the DNS space as a public good and stewardship of this resource
>should certainly reflect this public role.
I can't disagree with that.  In fact that's a sentence that should be
encrusted as the entry of the ADNA web site.

>ISOC-AU has been talking to ADNA for many months now over
>these issues, and the dialogue continues. 

Yes, it's been noticed by my research team that ISOC has had reservations
about ADNA. I'm not up to date with the summary of detail yet, it hasn't
been important.

>The activity on this list over the composition of ADNA and its
>role is certainly better than complete silence,

This is true.

>and while I may not totally agree _personally_ with some of the comments
>and directions espoused in this thread over recent days,

"Personal" comments and opinions should be withheld as much as possible.
They don't help progress anywhere.  Petty Name calling certainly doesn't
endow the individual with any level of credability.

>that is a minor matter.

To which it is.  Personal matters shoudl be left FAR out of the debate.  

>Discussion of the issues, and a constructive attempt to
>make this operate efficently and effectively as a public resource
>is of course a Good Thing. 

Capital Letters. I guess with any kind of luck, we might see a Good THing
evolve from the recent discussion.

There are more people I'd like to see change places.  But I'm not sure with
whom or to what advantage - yet.

Certainly the question of conflict of interest arises still.  In that Luke
and the Michael(s) both still have considerable interests in obtaining
advantage over the DNS system.

The same question put to Stephen Baxter is now put to them:

Will they resign from ADNA should their companies be now, or in the future,
interested in becoming a registrar or selling domain names under the AU
name space? 

If not a resignation, will they sign a binding agreement with ADNA that
their respective companies, affiliates and any comapy they have ashare
holding or directorship within, will NOT apply for or sell domain names
under the ADNA proposal(s)?

I'm sure the answer will be somewhat similar to that of Stephen Baxter.

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