Re: DNS: grrrrrr

Re: DNS: grrrrrr

From: Ramin Marzbani <ramin§>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 19:52:14 +1100
I was thinking about a boxing tournament where you guys could all
come in and fight it out in the ring, or maybe we could set up a
debating team style of get together where you brought along megaphones
and shouted each other out.

It does appear that frustration levels are on the rise and that a
cooling off period is called for.  Is there another public hearing
thingy scheduled soon?  If not, maybe there should be as I am
convinced you guys may all be saying roughly the same sort of 
things anyway.  Who's in charge? (a bit like the comedy sketch "who's
on first?" an old baseball pun).  I suspect the answer is no one.

Just to provide some statistical feedback on what the 200-odd ISPs who
participated in the 6th IAP survey said (pre-release so pls keep to the
group) about ADNA:

Great Effort		17.7%
Sham			19.9%
Don't Care		7.5%
Don't Know Enough	28.0%
Never Heard of It	5.9%
Rather Not Say		21.0%

Wow!!! No wonder tempers run hot on any debate related to this stuff,
so maybe fair to say ISPs are split down the middle?  Maybe not.

PS please do not send any hate mail.  My daughter is not feeling well
and i need all the good karma i can get.

Ramin (I just report it) Marzbani
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