Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

From: Tom Minchin <tom§>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 10:06:01 +1100 (EST)
James Austin said:
> Has Mr Robert Elz given any indication he will allow .AU to be administered
> by ADNA or for that matter anyone else?
> With out an indication that Mr Elz will reliquish control to others ADNA is
> just wasting its time as Mr Elz can veto any work completed by ADNA.

ADNA doesn't actually do any work, they are merely investigating problems
and solutions, and hopefully presenting their findings to kre in a 
professional and convincing manner. He can then benefit from their invested 
time in research by saying yes/no/maybe/if/but to their proposals.

If you believe that ADNA is wasting it's time, then form your own group
and present your own proposals. They certainly have no monopoly on their

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