ADNA as a true Public operation. was Re: DNS: [Oz-ISP] Social Engineering and 2LDs]

ADNA as a true Public operation. was Re: DNS: [Oz-ISP] Social Engineering and 2LDs]

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 23:10:32 +1000
>Adam, get with the program.


>Many people here are disillusioned with ADNA's progress.
>But, that is not the point.

Actually I'll leave those two points together.

Yes Kim, your spot on.  Disillusioned with the progress woudl be very right
for those who support ADNA.  They aren't yet where they wanted to be when
they started ADNA.  But for those who feel that ADNA is more than it puts
in the public eye, I think disillusioned is the wrong word.

I'd say it was more Expected.

>The point is in the past week there has been a tide of off-topic
>unrelated posting that has nothing to do with .au, ADNA or IIA. 

Yes.  And as I pointed out to someone else. I didn't start them.  I just
defend them.  I'm within my rights to defend a matter that is misleading in
a public place.  I'd rather not, and get back to where we were about a
month ago ( it seems now).

>Why can't we discuss the topic at hand rather than bitching about 

Because, sadly the people who are spending all their time bitching about me
and mind you they number greater than ONE, where as I number only AS ONE,
have to first DISCREDIT me so they can obtain the upper hand, rather than
sit in the envy position because I might know more than they do.

>the wrongs or rights of your alternate DNS system,

As I said, I'm just one person defending these issues, there are more
instigating them.  Kim, your telling the wrong person.  Tell Rick, and
Alastair and Stephen Baxter, and Tony Barry and I'm sure there are others
I've left out.

Fortunalty, Rick and Tony and I think Alastair have taken the matter to
private email, where I can concentrate on educating them about my thoughts
in a one on one discussion, which means as they also will learn about my
ideas, I'll learn and awful lot more from them.

>or this Jeff fellow who has decided to come along and discuss APNIC and
>(why? I do not know)

Actually in short they are all related in some manner.

APNIC is currently interested in becomeing the TLD administator for the
region as ARIN and IANA are being selected as the "New IANA Inc" to manage
both IP and DNS for the globle.

Perhaps ADNA, which I and clearly many more, stronly oppose, should take a
leaf out of the IAHC book, to which it copied most of itself from anyway
and turn itself around to be an open and public process.

This was also discussed several weeks ago.

You know what I really dislike about ADNA?

Last year I was formally invited at the request of two parties to attend an
ADNA meeting.  I was then univited by a third person.  Two months later I
received a formal invitation to the, then past, meeting.

That shows a MAJOR lack of credability in ADNA and it's organisational
abilities and structure.

I spend 30% of my time on community comittees and assisting boards.  I
assure you, as a chair person, which seems to be the most common roll I'm
elected to (probably because in that role people knwo I can't say anything
:> ) I moderate meetings very very strictly.  Guess it was my learned days
of Meeting Procedure with the old Youth Rostrum, of which I was a founding

So if you want constructive input and ADNA to actually move forard, it has
to open itself up to the PEOPLE who use DNS, not the people who SELL DNS.

I've suggested a list previously of people whom I consider would best
represent the public, thus balancing the existing members.  

Until such time as ADNA resolves it's internal political issues, I'll not
only object to it, but ensure the ACCC and ACA are kept well up to date on
matters realting to it so they may order it to STOP operating with very
short notice.

If you interpret that as my offer to "destroy" ADNA, then so be it.  ADNA
must be a two way street, not a one way street.

If ADNA is not prepared to listen to those around it, then it doesn't have
a right to dictate and dominate those same people.

Enough said.

I'd love to further discuss this with you Kim.  I must admit, your the
first person to actually bring forward a point, rather than a personal
attack.  For that I give you a considerable amount of respect.

I hope we can go forward.

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