Re: DNS: Can we do something about noise on this list

Re: DNS: Can we do something about noise on this list

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 11:51:43 +1000
>I request that either :
>[please feel free to constructively modify these - the following just seem
>to make some sense for an Australian DNS discussion list]
>o  a new mailling list be formed to talk about Australian DNS issues. This
>   list would have strict rules for discussion including :
>   o  all DNS issues in Australia under .au
>   o  ways to improve the stability of the DNS system
>   o  suggested policy guidelines for .au and below DNS
>   o  global policy that ONLY has direct bearing/influence on .au
>   o  ways to promote competition under .au and other sub domains

If it's relevant to Australian DNS, then it must encompass all aspects and
not discriminate against the alternatives.  One day the Alternatives might
be all there is towork with.

>   the list charter would not include discussion on :
>   o  rogue, alternate DNS systems

Then create a list called ccTLD-AU  and I'll totally agree.

>   o  anything outside .au that did not have direct implications for .au
>      and below.

Anything to do with compeitition to AU will affect it directly.

>o  the present mailling list (dns&#167; adopt a charter similar to
>   this.

It would be very discriminating and certainly affect the course of discussion.
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