Re: DNS: Can we do something about noise on this list

Re: DNS: Can we do something about noise on this list

From: Richard Archer <rha§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 12:11:22 +1000
At 10:16 +1000 22/6/98, Stephen Baxter wrote:


Richard Archer: YES

>o  the present mailling list (dns&#167; adopt a charter similar to
>   this.

This list already has a charter which encapsulates the outlined policy.
When I subscribed to this mailing list I received a message which stated
(in part):

]Welcome to the DNS mailing list.  This list is designed to provide
]a forum for the gathering and dissemination of information concerning
]the restructuring of the DNS system in the .au domain.

This existing charter seems to me to be quite adequate.
It allows discussion of the issues outlined above in the proposed charter.
It excludes discussion of alternate DNS regimes and global DNS policy, unless
that global policy relates to the .au domain.

All that remains is to determine the most appropriate mechanism to enforce
the existing charter.

Voluntary adherence to the charter is the simplest mechanism, however there
have been many requests in the past to limit discussions to matters
relevent to .AU. The current proportion of postings which do not discuss
issues defined in the charter clearly demonstrates that this mechanism is
not effective. As such, we can discount any voluntary mechanisms to enforce
discussions relevant to the list charter.

All that remains is a more pro-active approach, such as list moderation or
removal of repeat offenders from the list.

I propose that postings from non-subscribers be disallowed, and that
addresses from which messages that are not within the charter are
consistently posted be removed from the list of list subscribers.

Yours sincerely,
Richard Archer.
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