RE: [DNS] Whats the rush?

RE: [DNS] Whats the rush?

From: John Southgate <john§>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 15:19:42 +1000
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>      What is the rush to make immensely large changes in the
> nature of .AU
>      right now?

Some people have drawn comparison of Australian domain issues with ICANN's
agenda, and used this as a justification for Australia taking some action.

However there are two factors that differ between the US and Australian
domain name space. Firstly, there are many more companies, business and
trademarks fighting for names in the .com/.net space, compared to those
needing names in the space. Secondly, the .com/.net space is
serving not only as US space, but also as the defacto Global space. This
puts .com/.net names at the centre of international business competition,
something that do not have to deal with.

I'm not sure what some people are hoping to achieve from auDA. In spite of
many criticisms of the way domain names have been and are being regulated,
and perhaps a genuine need for some fine tuning, people like KRE and Geoff
Huston have generally provided us with structures that are appropriate for
the basic domain naming issues that we as a country face.

John Southgate

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