Re: [DNS] domain names are old hat

Re: [DNS] domain names are old hat

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 07:18:04 +0200
Quoting magic2147&#167; on Sunday August 17, 2003:
| > ntroducing webnames ...
| > 
| >
| > 
| > "Would you like an email name with your order?" - R. McD.
| The domain name err... webname is actually registered to auDA.
| It looks like a thinly vieled ploy to inviegle innocents to register even more overpriced 
| .au domain names so that the current beneficiaries can spend their time counting still  
| more money.

Well, I think auDA is nominally the registrar for AusRegistry's names
to remove perceived favouritism if anyone was looking. But I'm pretty
confident that that web page is not a creation of auDA's, and certainly
I am pleased to report the term "webname" does not appear at all on
auDA's website..

Trying to push common usage of a term like "webname" will never take
off.. and I think if it is ever tried to be used in any official way
will just create increased confusion.

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