RE: [DNS] domain names are old hat

RE: [DNS] domain names are old hat

From: John Thomson <john§>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 15:41:23 +1000
Is there anything worse than those idiots who build sites with multiple
framesets that end up with tiny spots in the middle of your screen. It may
look great at 640 but it makes me want to beat them.


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> Introducing webnames ...

that site is trash.

is this what the australian internet community
gets in return for the $9 million profit made by
ausregistry?  ("well done!")

how about ausregistry take a smaller slice and
leave some crumbs for the registrars and
resellers who do all the hard work dealing with
the end users of domains.

that webname project ought to be pulled and
forgotten about before any more money is wasted
on it.

it doesn't work properly in any browser.  how
could it be launched?  i even get 404 errors.

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