Re: [DNS] Josh Rowe Questioned

Re: [DNS] Josh Rowe Questioned

From: Brad Norrish <brad§>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 12:48:37 +0800

Josh we all know that you don't just stumble on information by yourself,
please explain?

Josh isnt it plagiarism if someone supplies you the information and you
publish it as though you wrote it yourself?


- Yesterday evening you suddenly decided that you wanted to read the WA
newspaper - The West Australian Online at

-  While reading the WA news you had a vision from god and decide that you
wanted go to the Classifieds Online.

- You then decide you need to go the Employment section of the classifieds.

- Once there you put the search term "IMCO" into the text field.

- The search reveals a number of ads, which would give you no reason to link
it to me.

- Then you suddenly decide that this could be of revelance for some unknown

- So you check whois for the domain.

- It suddenly appears that I am the registrant!!!


On top of all that what makes you think that you have the right (let the
alone the relevance) to spam this junk info onto lists. Especially without
even knowing what the company does.

As an OPEN and ACCOUNTABLE auDA director, please confirm that the truely
freakish, or otherwise chain of events is what led you to to look for this.

While there are a number of very unscupulous ways of sourcing leads to check
this information, please confirm either
-the billion to one "by chance" method which made you to check this
information (not even yourself has that much time on your hands josh).
-other moral and ethical lead you had for this info

Josh prove your INTEGRITY to this list, FOR ONCE ACTUALLY ANSWER THE
QUESTION ASKED or should the rest of us on the list wait for another pretty


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> It would seem as though Brad Norrish is recruiting.
> I am not aware of any information which suggests that this has anything to
do with Chesley Rafferty or Domain Names Australia Pty Ltd.
> The West Online - Employment Classifieds
> " ...
> GRAPHIC DESIGNER Young, dynamic CBD Co seeks Graphic Designer for a
combination of graphic/web site design. Min of 3 yrs commercial exp with
skilled use of Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Email CV to: hr&#167; with
links to examples of your work.
> Published 15-Nov-2003
> MARKETING EXEC Dynamic CBD Company seeks a Marketing Exec to join a young,
growing team. Must have min 5 years commercial exp designing marketing
campaigns and analysing returns. Exc report writing skills nec. Email your
CV to:- hr&#167;
> Published 15-Nov-2003
> TELEMARKETERS Young dynamic and fun CBD Marketing Co. seeks talented
enthusiastic individuals for inbound and outbound telemarketing. Full time
role Mon-Fri 8-4pm with good salary and bonuses. No exp necessary. Call
between 8am and 12 on  9221 4055 or email your CV to hr&#167;
> Published 15-Nov-2003
> ... "
> from:
> Registrant:
>    Bradley Norrish
>    2/47 Forrest Ave
>    East Perth, WA 6004
>    AU
>    Registrar: NEWDENTITY
>    Domain Name: IMCO.COM
>       Created on: 14-JUN-03
>       Expires on: 14-JUN-05
>       Last Updated on: 01-NOV-03
>    Administrative, Technical Contact:
>       Norrish, Bradley  brad&#167;
>       2/47 Forrest Ave
>       East Perth, WA  6004
>       AU
>       0892252100
>    Domain servers in listed order:
>       NS1.IMCO.COM
>       NS2.IMCO.COM
> Josh
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