Re: [DNS] A tale for our times

Re: [DNS] A tale for our times

From: Bennett Oprysa <bennett§>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 22:24:09 +1100
Chris, just for a change you actually have a valid complaint, shame you have
to make such a fool of yourself by throwing in all the rest of the garbage.

There is a technical problem with your client's domain, it is 100% up to
AusRegistry to fix, there is nothing we can do about it, and nothing for me
to authorise. It seems that for some reason, the registry shows Enetica as
the registrar, but when we try to access the domain via EPP we get an error
saying we are not the sponsoring registrar. This also happens through the
manual interface provided by AusRegistry, so there is no way for us to make
any changes to this domain.

Our programmers did email AusRegistry and got back some advice (within 5
minutes), but it was not appropriate, it did not work. AusRegistry were told
of this, and we are now waiting for a fix.

As for the rest of your bullshit:
> apparently Bennett is the only one with a phone that can make STD calls
and he's out to lunch

As if!! You first called us at 4:45pm today, then again 5 minutes later, and
again 10 minutes later. I was not at lunch and nobody told you I was, nor
did they tell you they were not able to contact AusRegistry, because they
had in fact done so already.

You abusing my staff because they were not able to instantly fix your
problem, and then threatening to 'hammer you on the DNS' won't get you
anywhere either.


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> In July a client of ours registered a domain with Enetica via a reseller.
The reseller
> supplied the registrant with the Enetica password for the Domain
Management Login
> but did not make any changes to the email contacts which are the resellers
> Roll on a few months and the client is ready to launch their website and
so we need
> to re-delegate the domain. The client gives us the registry key and we go
to Enetica's
> site ( and try to login. We get a 404
error. This
> can't be right. I  ring Enetica who tell there is an issue with
Ausregistry. Ok I says how
> long before it is fixed? Tomorrow. Some time. May be never.
> Client is getting ratty about this delay. So I ring Ausregistry. Yes they
say there is a
> problem but Enetica needs to authorise us to change something. I tell them
for crying
> out loud call them and fix the problem for the poor registrant who pays
your wages
> and the stupid motor racing sponsorship. Oooh errr I can't came the reply
from the
> Ausregistry Jobsworth  I don't have the authrority who also cites auDA
rules. By this
> time the Enetica Domain Management reports "Login Error: Domain not with
us" but it
> is according to the .au whois. I now ring Enetica who can't do anything
either -
> apparently Bennett is the only one with a phone that can make STD calls
and he's out
> to lunch.
> So here we have Ausregistry "All Systems are Functional" and the "No 1
> who both make a s**tload of money from an effective monopoly of very much
> overpriced .au domains but who when it comes to enabling the utmost basic
> functions on a domain cannot do anything to help a client because they
> don't have the systems in place to take action quickly when a problem is
detected - or
> to put it another way - provide a bit of bloody service.
> Too busy counting the cash fellas?
> cb
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