Ball gazing

Ball gazing

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 11:20:22 +0100
Kind of an auDA annual recap here in this article, "Domain regulator 
labels DNA brawl as biggest consumer issue", from ZDNet: 

 :  As for next  year, Disspain says the  introduction of state-specific
 |  domain names,  such as and, is high on  the agenda.
 :  That change  will loosen  up current regulations  and allow  for the
 |  registration  of place  names  as commercial  domains  -- the  state
 :  specific domains will become a  "safe-haven" for the registration of
 |  official community portals.
 |  auDA will also continue to  educate the general population on domain
 :  name basics in an attempt to  reduce its susceptibility to scams and
 |  misleading mail-outs. While  the media plays a part  in the process,
 :  Disspain said  the challenge for  auDA is reaching people  who don't
 |  really have an interest in technology.
 |  "The problem with the media  is... not surprisingly, the majority of
 :  press in respect  to auDA is in the IT  sections, where you'd expect
 |  it to  be. But of  course the average  consumer doesn't read  the IT
 :  section because they've got no  reason to. So they don't necessarily
 |  know what's going on," he explained. "So we have to try to find ways
 :  to communicate with  them and educating them in ways  that they will
 |  see."

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