RE: [DNS] Ball gazing

RE: [DNS] Ball gazing

From: Josh Rowe <josh§>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 00:36:21 +1100
I thought this was an interesting part of the ZDNet news article:

" ... The mail-out yielded 9,000 registrations at AU$237, a figure
significantly higher than the average domain name registration fee of AU$85.
In total the mail-out resulted in AU$2.3 million in registrations with DNA.
... "

I'm not an accountant, however here's my best guess on Chesley Rafferty's
(Domain Names Australia) books:

 $2,133,000  : 9,000 domains sold by DNA &#167; $237 each
($  540,000) : 9,000 domains cost &#167; $60 each from Explorer*
($  300,000) : estimated legal fees for auDA + ACCC vs DNA court case
($  400,000) : estimated cost of 500,000 allegedly misleading advertisements
 $  893,000  : Chesley Rafferty's (Domain Names Australia) estimated profit

* Based on Explorer's reseller price (

Also of interest are the types of e-commerce complaints received by the
ACCC.  They are listed in the review discussion paper of the Australian
E-commerce Best Practice Model

"Table 1: Types of e-commerce complaints received by the ACCC
(30 June 02 - 30 June 03))

Issues or conduct				Percentage of complaints
Misleading advertising or prices	23
Domain name renewals			20 <-------------------|
Pyramid selling and other scams	7
Unsolicited goods or services		4
Warranty matters				4
Anti-competitive arrangements		2
Unconscionable conduct			1
Source: Based on data supplied by the ACCC."

" ... Data from the ACCC also show that sixteen online traders accounted for
nearly half of all online-related complaints received by the Commission
during this period. These traders generated consumer complaints concerning:
domain name renewal; dissatisfaction with Internet broadband/ADSL services;
[etc] ... "

Chesley Rafferty, Brad Norrish, etc

Have a safe and Happy New Year all!


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Kind of an auDA annual recap here in this article, "Domain regulator 
labels DNA brawl as biggest consumer issue", from ZDNet: 



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