Re: [DNS] Question

Re: [DNS] Question

From: David Uzzell <david-lists§>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 21:41:03 +1100
Kim Davies wrote:
> Quoting David Uzzell on Tuesday December 30, 2003:
> | Ok I have a question!
> | 
> | I have which is currently partially flapping 
> | due to be dropped of I have no idea WHY it is flapping 
> | other than some Overseas Nameservers are not resolving the name correctly!
> What are they resolving it to? A different IP? An NXDOMAIN? When you say
> flapping do you mean every second query works?

Yeah Kim it looks like that some ISP's are getting correct records and 
some are looking up the secondary being which does not 
even resolve NS records :( So it just returns DNS error when browsing or 
  host not found when sending email!

If telstra was resolving correctly with NS records then at least in the 
long run it would be picked up :(

> | The question is don't have anything automated for 
> | ANYTHING including Password retrevial, I can't even get my password so I 
> | can transfer it to a registrar that has an online facility that will 
> | allow me to change my Nameservers of record!
> | 
> | Anyone got any sugestions?
> Whilst it is kind of annoying not to be able to DIY, they have always
> had a fast turnaround time when I just email them my request.

Yeah they have also in the past! But as it is this time of year :( and I 
am going away for 2 weeks on the 1st and I would have to request my 
password first then request for NS record change! Wishing I thought was 
a Good Option :)

Oh well worry about it when I get back!

Thanks for advice Kim! Have a Safe New Year!


> kim
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