Re: [DNS] INTRAS NetSecurity (Brad Norrish)

Re: [DNS] INTRAS NetSecurity (Brad Norrish)

From: Tony Owen <tony§>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 18:40:24 +1030

I am interested to know if the same mailing list that was used to send
"invoices" for domain names will be used to promote this venture.  If this
is the case I feel it is more than relevant to the list.

If so I might think about warning my customers.


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> Quoting Brad Norrish on Wednesday February 25, 2004:
> |
> | As the topic's obviously accepted here I'll promote our latest product
> | Intras NetSecurity to potential distributors, I'll keep it short as not
> | waste your valuable day with useless humbo jumbo.
> Well, no, advertising products is not acceptable. You're right, it has
> nothing to do with the DNS.
> On the other hand, I think when discussing the three seperate high
> profile industry court cases (namely those filed by auDA, ACCC, and
> Nominet.UK), and domain scamming in general, it is relevant to talk
> about the personalities seemingly connected with that.
> kim
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