Re: [DNS] Rationale of .au high price was: [DNS] Cat got your tongue Chris?

Re: [DNS] Rationale of .au high price was: [DNS] Cat got your tongue Chris?

From: Jason Pay <jasonpay§>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 14:44:10 +1000
There is a difference between running costs and costs of entry.

If I move house, I don't want to pay for the truck, only the costs 
associated with the moving itself and relating to the usage of the truck 
for the duration of the move.

Jason Pay

Kim Davies <kim&#167;> 
18/05/2004 02:32 PM
Please respond to


Re: [DNS] Rationale of .au high price was: [DNS] Cat got your tongue 

Quoting Jason Pay on Tuesday May 18, 2004:
| Not costs of running/operating, cost of entry into the market - setup 
| costs.

Sorry, that is what I meant. My point stands - how can you expect any
company to do anything if they can't expect to recoup their costs? How
exactly is AusRegistry supposed to pay their bills if they can't do so
through making money? You expect registries to run at a loss?

I just don't understand. Do you propose only companies that prove they
do not fund capital expenditure and other startup costs through their
income be allowed to run the registry? How would that work? Why would
you want that?

Everything else being equal, companies that already have built systems
and presumably have much of their start-up costs out of the way are
already advantaged because they can simply undercut bids from companies
that are starting from scratch. Isn't this incentive enough? Why do you
want to punish start-ups?

I don't know of any single service that is provided where the company
offering a service is not allowed to factor into their business plan
having their start-up costs recouped. Almost by definition, you are
proposing only bankrupt businesses are allowed to bid, or beneficiaries
of some kind of grant.


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