RE: [DNS] domain names

RE: [DNS] domain names

From: Adrian Kinderis <adrian§>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 09:55:12 +1000
On my god! A more imbecilic and idiotic comment I have not read - and
that is saying something given the traffic on this list.

"I think we should be told"... what the hell is that?

I'll tell you what the link is... I make a commission on every domain
they sell, instead of the Registry charging them GST - it's a secret
deal... there you got me... the cat is out of the bag... please don't
tell anyone (especially auDA or the ATO ok?) thanks cb....***

*** please note above paragraph is written to vent a build up of months
of frustration with idiots on this list who think they have some idea,
and who, instead of going straight to the source to obtain bona-fide
answers, would rather whinge and moan publicly... if you want to be
constructive there are many vehicles by which you can have input into
this industry. Why not give them a try or shut the hell up!

Apologies in advance for the email traffic this will cause!

Adrian Kinderis
Managing Director - Sales and Marketing
AusRegistry Pty Ltd
Level 6, 10 Queens Road
Melbourne. Victoria Australia. 3004
Ph:  +61 3 9866 3710
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Email: adriank&#167;

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On 8 Jun 2004 at 6:25, Ron Stark wrote:

> The registrant is listed as Adrian Kinderis, which looks a bit odd.
> shows the contact name is shown as Mark Sinclair.  Strange.

The registrar is the Barbadian entity Namescout. Is there some
relationship between 
Kinderis and Namescout. I think we should be told.


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